15 First Date Feels From WWE

15 First Date Feels From WWE

A first date is never an easy experience. Sure, in the back of our minds, we adopt a carefree attitude and at face value, attempt to show that it’s just a casual drink and chat when in reality, it’s anxiety personified. You’re nervous, excited, worried, happy – an amalgamation of emotions we humans simply weren’t made to deal with. What will you wear? What will they be like? Where will you go? Will you like them? Will they like you? Your mind has never done so much overtime in  your life and as an avid WWE fan (as I’m sure you all know by know), I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when I realised that World Wrestling Entertainment definitely showed off some first date feels. In particular, when the first date you’ve thought about doesn’t QUITE go to plan. Well, almost…

“Right. I’ve arrived early. I’m sat over here at the bar. Come show me what you got”


“Wait, you look completely different to your picture on Tinder”


“Oh God, I’m going to have to sit here for at least an hour with this catfish”


“Wow. You don’t even had a good sense of humour, so I’m gonna have to pretend to laugh”


“How much longer will I have to sit here and feign interest? We’re chalk and cheese. This is a disaster!”


“He’s not really talking much, and looks completely different. Should I give him a chance?”


“Was I planning on going to the gym to lose weight? SAY. WHAT. NOW”


“That’s it. The benefit of the doubt has completely disappeared. I’m out”


“ACT COOL – Ahem, I gotta go meet my friends, something just came up – REMAIN CALM”


“Oh, okay, you’re going in for an awkward leaving hug. That’s okay. I can deal with that. Hug away.”


“Wait. Did you just try and kiss me? After THAT date? Oh my god. DON’T DO THAT!”


“He’s gone. Phew, thank God I escaped that unscathed. Now… where’s the pizza shop?”


“Abort. Abort. Hot guy in the pizza shop!”


“We’ve chatted & laughed over pizza AND HE’S ASKED FOR MY NUMBER”


“Gave him my number. Bad case of the yolos. Not a bad night after all. Mission accomplished. Happy hometime to me!”


love naomi





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