If You Haven’t Found Love Yet, This Might Be Why…

If You Haven’t Found Love Yet, This Might Be Why…

Most of your friends have moved in with a significant other. Some are organising weddings, while some have babies already, but you’re still single.

It’s frustrating to be that one single friend. When you’re not feeling awkward at parties and events, you’re in your house crying your eyes out because of the loneliness. Being single should, however, not define your life. The reason is this is the only time we have to be our independent selves, to love ourselves, and to mingle with everyone around us.

For some people, being single is a choice they have made unknowingly. Here’s why you’re single.

You have low self-esteem

Low self-esteem prevents you from living your full potential. People with low self-esteem are usually needy, hence end up believing they can’t survive without a lover. It can also make you ruin potential relationships because neediness manifests in wanting to seek validation, and always being paranoid about the other person. Low self-validation can also make people take advantage of you because you don’t know what you deserve, and end up settling for less.

Practical Steps to Increase Your Self-Esteem

The solution to this is to work on building your self-esteem and self-worth.

– Learn to love yourself for who you are.
– Talk to a therapist
– Do self-meditation to get rid of the feelings of unworthiness
– Wear outfits that complement your body
– Take care of your overall hygiene. People are attracted to physical beauty before anything else

You’ve built very high walls

You haven’t found love yet because you’ve set very high principles and expectations. Loosen up a little. Human beings aren’t perfect. Don’t expect to find a perfect person. Set reasonable standards that can match realistic expectations. We all know it’s better to be single than settle for less. You should, however, not write off a person on the first date because you didn’t instantly hit it off.

Practical Steps To Lower Your Walls and be more Open

– Start dating online and get to know more people
– Write down what you’re looking for personality-wise
– Go out with friends and socialise with everyone. You don’t have to flirt. Simply make new friends
– Talk to a therapist to express your feelings

You still have some baggage from your last relationship

Move on already. Many people are usually stuck up on their exes, hence hindering them from finding love. Let go of the baggage. Your ex hurt your feelings. Do let go already. Most of us are oblivious on how much our past relationships impact our future. Being hurt leaves you more guarded and reserved. This is the one thing holding you back. Make peace with your past, so that you can have a brighter future.

Steps To Let Go Of Your Last Relationship

– Write down the reasons why the relationship didn’t work
– Write down what you’re looking for in a relationship
– Start dating, and you’ll soon realise that there are more people to connect with
– Focus on your work, passion and travelling

You spend too much time worrying about why you haven’t found love

Love comes when we least expect it. Spending time stressing over who to love will leave you depressed, when otherwise, you could be living the best days of your life. People are attracted to us when we’re happy and enjoying life. Looking sad and depressed reflects differently on your potential suitors.

Practical Steps To Stop Worrying About Finding Love

– Work on yourself, and start working out to feel better about yourself
– Start dating casually, and connect with people on a friendly-level
– Go out with your friends, and have fun
– Travel to your favourite destinations and enjoy the little moments
– Spend time with your family

Forget about romantic love, and try finding love in the simplest places. Work on making yourself better, and you’ll surely attract white men or black women. gay men or bi women, wherever you are… you get my drift. Be you, and you’ll find love.


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