How Many People Have One Night Stands?

How Many People Have One Night Stands?

Before we start talking about the whole statistics about how many people enjoy casual sex, let’s talk about the definition of one-night stands.

A one-night stand is what you would describe as sex for one occasion, usually done by people wanting to experiment or enjoy a sexually active life without compromising themselves to dating or emotional relationships.

One-night stands, as described in this article, is when both parties agree to not meet again after interacting. There’s no commitment to the interaction between both parties nor a promise for the future to meet again and continue with the relationship. To put it simply, is a one-occasion friend with benefits relationship, without the friendship nor the relationship. Good joke, uh?

Of course, there’s good and bad in this kind of interaction. According to research, it depends heavily on the motives behind wanting to try it, how individuals deal with the post-interaction, and whether they take good care of their body or not.

In case you were wondering why men and women would do this, we are going to talk about it later on, and showcase the pros and cons of this type of relationship between human beings.

But before that, let’s talk a little about why they are called like that. Believe it or not, it is not directly linked to sexual interactions between individuals. In the 19th century, show businesses realised stands. Some businesses had these stands during one night, so one-night stands. This was then linked to sexual interaction between people with the same formula.

With that said, how many people have one night stands?

Well, I found a survey that focused on Americans so let’s take a look at the findings. Sorry Brits, I’ll do more homework next time and find one for us too! Apparently, more than 66% of Americans have had a one-night stand before. Most of them have had more than one, though. The average American man has had around 7 while women have had 6. Surprisingly enough, this type of interaction is a result of visiting a bar in most cases. In the modern era, we have the option to use online dating apps, which are a good choice to connect with potential partners, and there are many willing to experiment.

There’s something interesting to mention about them, though. Around 81% of American women were unsatisfied with their experience! That says a lot about men’s capabilities, to be honest.

Another thing to add to the mix is that around 22% of people enjoyed sex more while in a committed relationship. This is probably because an important part of sex is trust and communication, and the fact that sex gets better as you practice and get to know your partner.

 Also, did you know that the average sexual interaction lasts around 7 minutes? This doesn’t include foreplay, though. On a regular basis, a pair of adventures would last 20 minutes with both foreplay and sex included.

To end this fact thing, let’s say something even more interesting. You would usually think that young people would prefer to enjoy their sexual lives without commitment, right? Well, apparently, college students, the ones claiming to want to enjoy sex without compromise, tend to expect that their hookups partners to become their special other. This was the case for 65% of women and 45% of men since they expected to end up in a relationship with their one-night stand partner.

Why Would People Do This, Though?

Well, there’s plenty of reasons to have casual sex. Some reasons are pretty healthy, like wanting to experiment with their sexuality without having to compromise themselves with a relationship. Some individuals see this as a way to relieve stress, and sex is actually healthy for your body and your mental well being. Actually, there’s nothing wrong about wanting to have fun and hang out with people, as long as both parties are prepared for this type of interaction.

On the other hand, there are other motivations that are not as healthy. Others have one-night stands to get revenge on someone, when this actually compromises your emotional and mental health and is not a great way to get over an individual who hurt you. Others use this type of interaction to feel better about themselves by feeling desired, and this can lead to a dependence on other people to improve their self-esteem. In the worst-case scenario, an unwise decision is to have sex in order to escape reality and avoid unpleasant feelings, thoughts and emotions.

According to statistics and research, studies have shown that people that slept-around showed a better state of mind, less stress, overall wellbeing, and better social skills. Some people claimed that it boosted their confidence with the opposite gender, too. There’s much more information about it on this website:

One-night stands can be awkward at first, and in some cases, won’t be as good as you initially expected, but it’s a great way to get to know yourself, the things you like, and what you are looking in a person. If you decide to try it, do it responsibly. There’s the chance of STDs if you don’t take care. Always play by your rules, and don’t let anyone step over them. It is good to be open to trying new things, but don’t do it if it compromises the whole idea of casual sex.

A good way to find people to try this on is visiting bars or using online dating apps. Always be honest about what you are looking for, and try to get a partner that understands, and wants the same things as you.


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