Long Distance Relationships Can Still Work, But Does It Harm Us?

Long Distance Relationships Can Still Work, But Does It Harm Us?

When you first fall in love, everything seems easy in a relationship. However with the first time difficulties arise that can be of different types. One of the most difficult challenges is without a doubt a long-term relationship: the need to be separated from your spouse for weeks or months seems unbearable. Distance makes us realize how much more often we want to speak with them and how we previously took things for granted.

The difficulties of a long distance relationship

We will start by examining what long-distance love partners believe in the most difficult challenges.

1. Fear of disappearing

Indeed, the geographical distance may cause a break of this connection and on this a spiritual understanding that exists between two lovers. The habits have been established over time, and suddenly when they aren’t there, there is a sense of sadness. You feel lost, you miss their quirks and the chats. It is also important to note that the reasons for separation may vary. It may be because your spouse or partner has to leave or that they are from a foreign country. That is why you should look at the spouse visa extension cost to see if you can make it work. Next, you may feel that you will be betrayed if your partner is away for a long period of time and may find someone else who is geographically desirable. The only way to deal with this is to be quite natural in preparing the trust. If you trust one another, you know that the distance should not make a difference. 

2. Lack of physical contact and intimacy

A physical relationship is very important. It is built over time and so it is essential to make the narrative work. The understanding and sexual growth of both partners undergoes a sudden stop, as do those small gestures that are part of a simple physical contact. Hugs, kisses, little looks to each other. These are all done either on a Skype call or not at all. 

3. Planning and spending time travelling

Changing cities and even countries or continents involves one disruption in a person’s lifestyle. Despite this, both spouses should make an effort to hear from each other often and see each other whenever possible. This aspect leads to another challenge, namely travel arrangements to meet. It is necessary to take into account expenses for these travels. Keep money aside so that you can travel to see each other as often as possible.  

The positives of a long distance relationship

We will also look at some of the benefits of a long distance relationship also.

1. Make you value your spouse more

According to a Cornell University study, long-distance love allows you to value your spouse more. Every visit, meeting or even phone call adds value.  

2. Improve communication

Technology allows us to make the best of new technologies and improve communication between two distant partners. We speak differently, we ask more questions, and we learn more by being separated. We don’t take things for granted and we look forward to seeing our partners. It creates an earthly relationship that can be stronger than ever. 


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