Safety Tips For Webcam Models

Safety Tips For Webcam Models

Being a webcam model on cam chat sites sure sounds like fun. Are you using your beauty and your sexiness to help people enjoy masturbation online? It’s intoxicating. Having that power over people is thrilling, but so is the chance to make money through tips and tokens. However, like any online adult industry, safety is paramount.

If you do not take the right precautions, this can all become quite dangerous. Keep these tips in mind to stay safe when performing.

Create An Alias

The worst thing you can do is use your real name when performing online. Make sure that you have an alias that gives no real, identifiable features about you. The last thing you want is someone complaining to your employer about your activities or, worse, a superfan trying to track you down for some in-person ‘entertainment’ together. An alias is essential to make sure you are not compromised.

Use Fake Locations

Never give out a clear idea of where you are from. Many performers have a small stable of people who watch them again and again. If you offer too much detail about yourself, though, you put yourself at potential risk. Never give out your real location, even if you are camming with someone you have worked with many times before. Always be vague about locations – at the most, give a country, but never a city.

Hide Identifiable Features

Things like specific tattoos or things in the background that could make you easier to hunt down should be avoided at all costs. Be very careful to look closely at the background of your room so you can hide anything that might identify who you are. At the same time, make sure you are able to hide anything that makes it easy for people to know who you are. A bit of preventive preparation can avoid risky situations.

Set Clear Limits

Your profile is the easiest way to make sure people know exactly what you will and will not do. This prevents you from being threatened or accused of wasting time by someone who turns up expecting a specific kind of performance. To avoid that problem, make your limits clear on your profile. You want people to enjoy masturbation, not be disappointed; disappointed, horny people can become irrational.

Be clear about what you will and will not do, though. This will make it easier to set expectations and avoid people getting upset or feeling let down.

Use Trusted Platforms

If you do your masturbation through trusted cam chat sites listed on JerkOffWithPeople, you can avoid the risks that can come from camming individually. This means things like payments are all handled securely, and there are moderation teams you can turn to if someone gets aggressive, demanding, or otherwise uncomfortable to deal with. Avoid camming on your own through insecure platforms; you are open to many risks here.

It is not just risks like fraud but people threatening you for not doing as they ask. Operate through a major webcam site, though, and you can get extra security to keep yourself safe, anonymous, and paid.

Stick to the above, and you should find it much easier to avoid the problems that tend to follow webcam performers around like a plague. If you use these tips, you should find it easier to perform without putting yourself or your identity at risk.


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