6 Signs He Does NOT Want To Be With You

6 Signs He Does NOT Want To Be With You

It’s no secret as to why people say that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, in fact it couldn’t be more true. We forget this sometimes. We women try to read men like we read ourselves and wonder why we simply can’t figure them out. It’s because we’re different – monumentally different – but when it comes to working out whether someone likes you back, the tell-tale signs are pretty universal.

When it comes to wondering if a man wants to be with you, it is in fact, really easy to spot the ones who want you from the ones who don’t and believe me, when you’re putting all your eggs in one basket, it’s kinda good to know whether feelings of romance are reciprocal. So ladies, avoid yourselves some inevitable heartbreak scenarios and keep your wits about you! If he does these things, he’s just not that into you…

He ignores your texts

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Oh yes. The dreaded two blue ticks. There’s nothing worse. You’re getting to know this guy you really like and all of a sudden, it’s “Seen at 12.32pm” then no response until the following day, if ever. He’s dangling his response like a carrot in front of you but chances are, you’re never going to get it. In reality, if a guy likes you, he will text you back. He’ll want to, and if he doesn’t, well, doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know?

He won’t really respond until after 10pm

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Sadly, this guy might have formed a romantic attachment to you for all the wrong reasons and naturally, you’ve had no contact with him all day until you hop into your bed and your phone lights up to reveal a “Hey babe 😛 wanna play?” sort of message, cos you know, he’s bored and lonely and wants attention. It’s at this point that you should lose all hope in forming anything other than a sexual liaison with this man, and if that’s all you want, great, if not, blue tick the bastard and move on with your wonderful life.

He will make excuses to get out of seeing you


If you like this guy, you’re gonna want more than a text message here or there. You’re gonna want actual face-to-face (potentially physical) contact, but whenever you drop the tiniest of hints about hooking up, the big man always seems to form some lame ass excuse about why he can’t, why he won’t, why you should do it another day, or why you should meet after 11pm. Newsflash – if he wants you, he will make time for you. If not, he is a silly man who doesn’t know what he’s got.

When he does see you, he’ll keep it short and sweet


To you, he’s this great guy who’s funny, handsome, smart – everything you could wish for in a potential partner, but to him, you may just be a rebound or time filler or an attention giver or… well, you get the gist. He kind of umms and ahhs about spending time with you, so when he does, he keeps things to the point, sex and all. It’s a whirlwind of emotions to say the very least so if your trysts seem to be no more than an hour at a time, he may have other things on his mind, in which case, so should you.

He’ll show no interest in you or what you do


You know, like when you ask “so how was your day” and he responds with “good thanks”. What, no reciprocating the sentiment? Erm no of course not. You know why? Because he doesn’t care. He’s happy to have someone giving him the attention he needs, but he isn’t really bothered about anything else. If you’re going to date someone, you want everything to be a two-way street, because let’s face it, one way systems are a pain in the arse.

He won’t call you

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Of course he won’t. Hell, he can’t even manage a text back within 72 hours, never mind a full blown phone conversation. Men aren’t a complicated species (according to my lovely male friends). They are pretty much as black and white as they come. If they don’t call you, it’s not because they’re busy, or working late, or with friends, it’s simply because they don’t want to. Don’t take that badly though, it gives you the green light to go on the hunt for a new man…

…and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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