Anal Sex: Is it really a pain in the arse?

Anal Sex: Is it really a pain in the arse?

Firstly, I’d like to apologise. What for you ask? Well, discussing the topic of anal when your Mum might be hovering over your shoulder. What I’m not sorry for is actually writing a blog (and having a good ol’ chat) about anal sex. These days, sex isn’t just your average missionary position, there’s all sortsa stuff people experiment with, and it should be perfectly okay to talk about these things without feeling a sense of taboo around the topic. So that’s why I’m here, to alleviate that worry by laying the cards on the table. So, after lengthy discussions with my friends about their bedroom antics, it seemed the majority didn’t want to disclose their status when it came to bum fun, and I couldn’t help but wonder, anal sex…

Is it really a pain in the arse? 

Well. I guess that’s up to you. Remember, it’s always gonna take two to tango so if it’s something you both want, I guarantee it will be a whole lot better than if you just said ‘yeah sure why not, stick it up my bum’ to please your partner, when in reality, you can’t think of anything worse. Rest assured, because as always, Naomi has done her homework to get to the bottom of this situation (no pun intended) so that if you are willing to try something a little different from the norm, you’ll be a whole lot more clued up. So first thing’s first, let’s start with the pros and cons…

pros cons

Surprising? Probably not when it comes to the cons, but the pros might open your eyes to experimentation! In my personal opinion, if you’re ever worried, concerned, nervous… you know what I mean… about any sort of sexual act, there is no harm whatsoever in doing your research beforehand to put your mind at ease and ultimately, give your confidence that necessary boost to put on a great performance, and make sure you get yours too. It seems through all these little sordid chats with my friends that my pals, and what I believe to be a lot of others too, simply don’t know where to start when it comes to anal sex, therefore the fear sets in as they become too scared to try it. Sidenote – that’s okay. So if you’re a first-timer looking to find out more about the forbidden fruit of the sex world, wonder no more, as here are some tips to get you started…

Be clean for hygiene….


I know it’s a pretty gross thing to think about but let’s be economical with the truth here. Surely, if you want to indulge in some anal sex, you wanna be prepared for all eventualities and prevent any embarrassing occurrences. Of course you do. So, before you get down to business, make sure you’re clean as a whistle and ready to receive. I’m not talking about having a bath in bleach, but just make sure that you’ve made hygiene a priority in your anal prep routine. Yes – I just made that a thing. To be more confident during the actual anal sex, try to look for shower enemas at online stores like Loveplugs. You just basically have to connect it to the shower and it will flush out any unwanted matters in your rectum and colon.

Foreplay comes first…

foreplay gif

Anal sex, as with any other type of sex, certainly isn’t a ‘clothes off cock in’ situation, so don’t treat it that way. As with anything, you’ve got to prepare yourself for the main event – warm up if you will, and where anal’s concerned, foreplay is key. Don’t be afraid to hit those erogenous zones before getting stuck in, you’ll thank yourself for it. Playing, touching, rubbing, kissing, teasing, tickling… it all works to get your body ready and excited!

Plenty of lubricant…


Obviously, you don’t need me to spell out why you should use lubricant for anal sex, but I’m going to anyway for peace of mind more than anything. A good lubricant is great for sex in general and can add a lot of pleasure to the experience, but to ensure that you get the maximum satisfaction possible from anal sex, lube is a necessity. Sure, some people may be put off by the idea of using a lubricant (oh and buy a nice branded one, KY Jelly is the stuff nightmares are made of) but don’t be worried, it makes everything so much more enjoyable and as Simba says, it’s slimy, yet satsifying!

Assume the position…

position gif

It’s a truth acknowledged by the masses that the go-to position for anal sex is ‘doggy’ simply because it makes the area much more accessible, however this is a misconception. If you’re trying anal sex for the first time, you want to be comfortable and intimate, so I suggest ‘spooning’. You’re close, it’s passionate, you’ve indulged in some foreplay, you’ve got the lube… let’s face it, you’re gonna have the time of your freakin’ lives.

Aaaaaaaaand, breathe. So there you have it. Anal sex. Like it, or lump it. It’s all about preparation for pleasure, but guys, if you want to try it with your girl, don’t be afraid to ask and talk about it, and for the love of God, if you’re doing us from behind and you ‘accidentally slip’, we will probably kill you. It is never an accident. We know your game. Just sayin’. 

While we’re on the subject, if you feel like I haven’t rambled on enough about anal sex, I recently had the honour and the pleasure of working with BuzzPinky to produce an Anal Sex Guide for Beginners, because there’s no harm in sharing what you know, what you’ve heard and what you’ve found out. So if you want to get to grips with the nitty gritty so to speak…


You can check out the Anal Sex Guide here

Well. I think that’s quite enough on this topic for today. There’s only so much anal sex chat one can take, don’t wanna get bummed out about it (see what I did there!)

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