Tired of Tinder? Hop on to Rabbit

Tired of Tinder? Hop on to Rabbit

Tired of Tinder? Yeah, aren’t we all. It’s totally lost it’s novelty and the constant swiping has become pretty soul-destroying. Dating in this day and age is hard enough without the added confusion coming from the stigma attached to certain online platforms and let’s be honest, we’re all waiting for the next best thing in dating, and it seems the wait is over.

Introducing Rabbit


So what’s Rabbit all about?

So Rabbit – the new dating app has been brought to us by the wonderful team at Ann Summers, what a way to branch out guys, nice work! After having a play around on Rabbit & doing my homework, it’s clear to see that it was designed with female users in mind, which is of course, a nice touch. Oh and it’s free, so you can’t grumble at that.

What’s different about Rabbit?

After having given Rabbit a good go (oo er), it seems that setting up a profile takes a little longer than it would on other platforms, such as Tinder, but I could see why. It seems the guys over at Rabbit HQ are keen to have real users who are serious about finding love on there, and not just every Tom, Dick or Harry lookin’ for a Friday night bang. This is super positive. One of the trickiest things about online dating is differentiating users from those who are looking for casual dating/no commitment to those who are looking for something more serious, but Rabbit has eliminated those anxieties by ensuring a higher quality of user. Not bad work eh?

My favourite things about Rabbit?

Hmm, well it’s pretty different from other dating apps I’ve used previously but one of the features that certainly stood out to lil ol’ me is the Tell Me More bit. This basically allows us girls to send “Tell Me More” questions to guys (after receiving a match request) before matching. I think this is a great idea. There’s so many instances when you’re on a “swiping” dating app and you just get completely lost in the moment and next minute, you find yourself matched with men you can’t quite remember taking a shine to, but fear not, this is where Rabbit takes away that worry! This way, we get to learn a wee bit more about a potential match and guess what? It’s down to the guy to impress with his answers for a chance to get a match. Excellent, just excellent. 

Another thingI found pretty unique was that Rabbit allows you to review all match requests, sent matches and even rejected matches (in case you change your mind, that is) Sure, it’s a quirky added feature but it’s definitely something you’ll enjoy being able to do or have!

Any perks to being on Rabbit?

So it also seems that there’s more to this free dating app than meets the eye. Rabbit have in fact teamed up with UK brands to provide Dates with Benefits offers as well. That’s what we like to hear right? We bloody love a perk in the country. So basically, once you’ve matched and started chatting with someone, you can ask them on a date (or vice versa, whatever floats your boat) and if they accept, you can then claim an offer in the “Dates with Benefits” section, whether that be a first-date choice or gift. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but if that isn’t an incentive to get yourself back on the market and into online dating, I really don’t know what is. 


So with ramblings over and research done, it’s safe to say that the Rabbit dating app is an extremely welcome addition to the online dating app market and will definitely give those who’ve spent their time kissing frogs, the chance to finally find their prince (or princess – whatever lights your candle!)

love naomi


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