THIS Is The Reason It’s So Easy To Have Sex In 2017

THIS Is The Reason It’s So Easy To Have Sex In 2017

What is going on these days? General statement I know but see with relationships, more casual ones I guess, is it just me or are they coming thick and fast? No pun intended. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude but it seems that everyone’s shagging everyone these days! Surely it hasn’t always been this way? I’m not necessarily insinuating that this is a bad thing, each to their own and all that as long as everything’s safe, but are things getting a little out of hand?

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I’m not even just talking about the midnight liaison you indulged in with the bloke you stumbled across on a night out, it’s so easy for people from all walks of life in different situations to find ways to get their jollies, from arranging casual hook-ups on Tinder, even to organising to meet a gorgeous escort from Kommons, to the simplest form of sexting over social media – there are hundreds of ways to find someone to have sex with in 2017 because – well – why not I guess – but why is it so easy?

We’re all TOO accessible¬†

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20 years ago, if you wanted to meet someone – a potential partner, someone to date, someone to mate with – whatever – you’d have to be out and about. Generally, you’d be partying with your pals or even just down the local shops picking up some groceries. Way back when, there was no alternative to meeting people other than in person so both men and women were much more bold when it came to approaching someone they were physically attracted to. It certainly wasn’t uncommon to have a man come up to you in an everyday situation and start a conversation in the hope that a date might just follow.

Nowadays, we’re a bloody nation of zombies. Our social lives are not lived in reality, they’re live through technology. We’re using our phones (and the internet as a whole really) to meet new friends, share memories, listen to music, buy new things, order food and date. We’re now so used to being spoiled by 2-click technology (that’s when you can get anything you want within two clicks online) that we’re slowly shying away from traditional approaches and resting on modern ones.

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This means that rather than having to go up to a girl and make a sincere effort to woo, wine and dine her before you get anywhere near the bedroom, in 2017, you can just work the law of averages and swipe right a few times in the hope that you will successfully invite someone round for a little somethin’-somethin’. Oh and if we can’t be found on Tinder, we can definitely be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, iMessage, Kik – you get the drift.

Maybe it’s time for us to take a step back and remember why we’re choosing to have sex with someone – is it for the right reasons? If the answer is ‘yes’, what are your reasons? If the answer is ‘no’ – should you really go ahead just for another notch on your bedpost? I guess it all depends on personal circumstances. Some people prefer to settle down, others simply settle for having fun in every way they can and who are we to judge? My only advice is that you’re going about the whole thing morally. That means respecting people’s boundaries and preferences, not manipulating people into believing that sex might lead to something more serious, and everything in between.

Oh and don’t forget, if you are going for it…

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