SASS: The Worst Kept Secret In Women’s Intimate Skincare

SASS: The Worst Kept Secret In Women’s Intimate Skincare

Much like talking about our sex lives out in the open, talking about our intimate health isn’t always something we should from the rooftops because it’s exactly what it says on the tin – intimate. If you’ve got a problem down below or something seems a little odd, sometimes we choose to tell only a Doctor or perhaps not even them. On the other hand, if we know what’s going on, we all absolutely HATE grabbing the right products off the shelves in the supermarket and self-checking out in the hope that no one sees what you’re putting inside your bag-for-life. Whether it’s creams or sprays or wipes or what have you, keeping your tuppence in tip top condition shouldn’t be something to shy away from and it’s definitely not something to be embarrassed about.

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As much as we hate to admit it, our reproductive parts aren’t as simple as we’d like them to be. When us girlies are concerned, we’ve got about a million and one things to think about to ensure that we’re clean as whistles and one of the main things that we probably don’t give enough thought to is our pH balance. Yeah, we see it on TV adverts and on supermarket shelves but generally speaking, we cast all pH-related thoughts aside, probably because we don’t understand how important it is like we should, that is until we get a problem and when your pH is off balance, it can be a biggy.

That’s right, I’m talking things like BV and thrush. If you’ve had thrush, you’ll know that this is an infection that makes you feel as if you’d rather pull your eyeballs out with teaspoons. ANYTHING but thrush. So it’s probably worth noting the things that can cause changes in your vaginal pH.

Did you know there are loads of things that can affect Iit? Yep. Loads. Pregnancy, periods, antibiotics, sweaty clothes, drinking alcohol, perfumed soaps, oh and too much sex. Basically, 99% of anything which is why it’s so important to be a little more clued up when it comes to staying on top of your intimate skincare. 

Now, it’s time to get SASS. 

SASS was created because of the limited options out there for intimate health and I’m right there with them. I don’t think I could even name more than one intimate skincare brand yet it’s so important, they should be everywhere! A lot of women still don’t use the appropriate products when it comes to feminine hygiene because normal soaps, wipes and shower gels are generally scented/perfumed and can definitely affected your pH balance.

The SASS Intimate Skincare range has a product for every woman – their daily intimate care range is suited for everyday care of, well, your intimate area! Whatever you feel’s occurring down there, or whatever you want to feel down there, SASS products pretty much tick every box there is AND thank the Lord, they are SO affordable.

As controversial or as embarrassing as it might seem to think about vaginal health, you can dispute the fact that’s it’s really important. Oh and the even better news? You can buy SASS products online so no need to go to Boots wearing sunglasses, a wig and an overcoat. Ordering each intimate skincare product is just like the product itself – personal and discrete.

Dawn Harper (Embarrassing Bodies) spoke to the SASS team to talk about a good intimate skincare routine:

“Generally, good vaginal health is maintained by making sure your overall health is in good shape, which includes healthy diet and exercise, and a good intimate care regimen. The vagina contains lots of good bacteria (lactobacilli) which help to keep the vagina’s pH balance at an even, healthy level, and these produce bacteriocins (naturally occurring antibiotics) to reduce or kill harmful bacteria entering the vagina.  However, if the balance of bacteria is off-kilter this can result in embarrassing and uncomfortable infections such as BV and thrush, which can cause symptoms including itching, irritation and abnormal discharge. To keep the vagina pH balance at its normal, low level it’s a good idea to avoid heavily perfumed soaps, and even your regular shower gel as these can affect the healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels in the vagina, and cause inflammation and itching. Instead use a very gentle, pH balanced wash to cleanse the area around the vagina every day.”

Oh and if you’re curious about your health “down there” and would like some confidential advice from someone other than your judgey best pal, SASS have a panel of experts you can drop a line to here

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  1. Nic stevenson
    November 20, 2017 / 1:55 pm

    Love the packaging! You’d think products like this would look clinical but they’re super stylish. Kind of doesnt make you feel so bad about buying them 😂

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