Love Island’s Back, But Is The Love?

Love Island’s Back, But Is The Love?

This year’s series of Love Island starts in just a couple of weeks and I AM  SO EXCITED.

Well, it was quite a series last year wasn’t it? Talk about ups and downs. First, we were all swooning over Camilla and Jonny’s seemingly perfect relationship – that was until Jonny caught sight of something, well, someone, a little more up his street – being Tyla – leaving the nation shocked and lost at the fact that he’d left Cam. However, we quickly breathed a sigh of relief when as a result of being a single pringle in the villa again, Camilla was now open to meet others and happened to form a romantic attachment to Calvin Klein model and modern day gentleman, Jamie, and it now seems they’ve both found their happily ever after.

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Oh and it wasn’t just those two lovebirds that fell head over heels in love either – there was Gabby and Marcel, Montana and Alex, Olivia and Chris, Amber and Kem – ALL claiming to be truly, madly, deeply in love and monumentally blessed that they’d been chosen to be a part of this year’s Love Island because as a result, they’d all found “the one”.

Plausible? Probably not to most. How on earth could this handful of ridiculously good looking people who’d been dumped in a holiday home for a month or so, all find their match made in heaven as part of a reality TV show. It seems a little too good to be true right? Well, it’s not been plain sailing for them all, there’s been more than a few heated discussions and tantrums in between, however…

I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not that – entertaining as reality TV might be – just how real are these relationships?

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I mean, let’s face it, we know that a lot of people apply to reality TV shows not to be real, but in order to get the celebrity status they’ve probably been craving for years. Oh and chances are, they’ll do whatever it takes to walk away with the loot and enjoy their 15 minutes of fame. So would this mean that we’re envying these wonderfully perfect relationships for all the wrong reasons? For all we know, they could be laying it on thick to guarantee a shot at the big bucks and here’s us thinking it could be perfectly normal to fall in love within a few days.

In fact, is there REALLY any reality in these “reality TV relationships”? The speed of the romance these people experience is so NOT normal. Of course I don’t doubt that you could fall in love within the space of a couple of weeks but when everyone’s at it, that’s when the alarm bells ring. You start to think that the only real bits are the arguments but even then, you can’t help but feel that these little tiffs are blown massively out of proportion. Slowly we start to think that if we have these arguments with our own partners, we too might be able to justify how we react in such a way – BUT are these actually genuine reactions or just the show’s way of manipulating the editing to up the viewers? We’ll never know.

Ironically, although it’s reality television, it’s not real life.

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Taking this very fact into consideration, it’s important to remember that it would be difficult to judge how successful their relationships would be in the real world. They’re all on holiday and their biggest daily task is making sure they don’t have a bikini-based wardrobe malfunction. Taxing eh? But they’re on holiday, so it’s fine.

You know what it’s like when you’ve had a holiday romance before. You become totally obsessed by this person when you’re in the sun but as soon as you step off the plane at home and you’re back in the rain, the soon-to-be-marriage that was quickly disappears into insignificance. Why?

Well when you’re away from the day-to-day, with no commitments, no schedules, no chores, no work – you let go, you lose your inhibitions, you live life to the fullest and enjoy yourself. Effectively, you’re a different person living a bit of a different lifestyle – just like the Love Islanders are – so when you come home, everything changes.

Perhaps with all these things in mind, we should maybe take the Love Island relationships with a pinch (or a grain) of salt. Oh and let’s not forget that there are producers behind the scenes and hiding in bushes that are manipulating what we see at home and what’s actually going on in the villa! The real test was to be when they left the villa and got back to the real world with a bang. Needless to say only a few of the couples survived for whatever reason, so it kinda-sorta-ish proves my point.

For now, let’s not look back at their arguments, their romances, their dramas, their resolutions, and take advice that we might apply to our own relationships because there’s just no way of judging the real reality of reality TV.

The new series of Love Island starts on ITV2 on Monday 4th June at 9pm


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