Sex With Robots – The Future Of F*cking?

Sex With Robots – The Future Of F*cking?

It’s 2018 and we’re fast becoming a virtual world. Automations and robots and real-life look-a-likes and virtual reality all give us a real glimpse into what life’s going to be like in the future, but at present, the biggest concern of society is job security.

Production workers, for instance, worry because although their role within a factory was once integral to the process of a production line, now? Not so much, as they have been replaced with a machine that’s doing their job for them and probably at a better pace and quality too, not to mention that a machine can’t ring in sick or hungover either! Fast forward to today and we’ve even got robots performing surgery in hospital theatres! It’s crazy and a little hard to conceptualise but sure, as technology has moved on, so has the way we work. You would assume that there are still a lot of jobs out there that aren’t at risk of being replaced by such things, sex workers, for instance.

However, perhaps even prostitutes aren’t secure in their jobs anymore as a brothel has just shelled out over £6,000 for its second sex doll due to the fact that their first became MORE popular with their customers than real women. Even before sex dolls, both men and women have already seek pleasure away from real people in the form of sex toys bought from sites such as Lovegasm.

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It seems pretty hard to believe right but I can comfortably assure you that the rumours are true! Appropriately named sex doll “Fanny” quickly became this particular brothel’s top-selling “prostitute” and can be hired at a rate of £72.90 per hour – let’s bear in mind that this is almost 10 times the national minimum wage – well in Fanny!

So how does it work? Why on earth would someone choose to have sex with a doll rather than a person? The owners of the brothel who are planning to buy more friends for Fanny said that “the doll does not leave a single sexual wish unfulfilled” and it makes sense. If you’re going to pay for sex in whatever form, you’re going to want something pretty exceptional rather than a quick in-and-out. This could be sex in a certain position, or something a little more fetish-focused, but nevertheless, any of these things can be achieved with the doll because – well, at the end of the day – it’s an inanimate, highly flexible object with no feelings or inhibitions.

Peter Laskaris, who operates two brothels in Vienna, says that “it’s just a trendy sex fetish” and I’m fairly convinced that he’s hit the nail on the head here!

Fetish trends come and go – they’re popular at one time but in a few years, it’ll just be a story to tell the friends, or will it? Maybe this is the way that things are going. Everything else is becoming robotic and automated and virtual – perhaps things will progress even further?

The female dolls are becoming increasingly popular so does this suggest that we may be in the market to see male sex dolls being made too? We ladies probably couldn’t think of anything better than a way to get realistic sex without a mention of the football or “I’ll do it later” – heaven! Well, the idea is but in my opinion, nothing would beat the real thing but will this become an old-fashioned way of thinking?

Could we soon be living in a world where everything is virtual? When you ring up to speak to a service provider, nine times out of ten you’re faced with a robotic voice on the other end of the phone hoping to solve your problems. At first, we deem this to be a bit of an irritant and complain that we want to speak to a real person but as time’s moved on, we’ve quickly realised the efficiency of robots, virtual reality and automated services.


Do you remember that iconic scene in Demolition Man where Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock have sex simply by wearing virtual reality headsets sat across the room from each other?

No touching, no kissing, but the same sensual results? 1993 saw it coming! Is this REALLY what our sex lives will be like in 20 years from now? Who knows, but one things for certain, we’re slowly but surely becoming as futuristic as films predicted!



  1. June 8, 2018 / 7:54 am

    Fascinating article, I do think that we are many years away from sex robot the norm. Purely down to the cost of these sex dolls. Until the day that you can make it affordable for everyone.

    • Naomi Rebecca Lewis
      June 8, 2018 / 12:43 pm

      Totally agree, although it’s funny to see where things are going isn’t it! I guess we could say the same about smartphones not being accessible to everyone, yet they’re more common now than ever. However, IMO, nothing’s better than the real thing…

  2. July 16, 2018 / 2:20 pm

    Ya i totally agree, in future sex robots are very popular among fun lovers.

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