New Matchmaking Service for Modern Muslims Has Launched in the UK

New Matchmaking Service for Modern Muslims Has Launched in the UK

Meeting ‘the one’ can be hard.

There’s no point sugar-coating it. We’re all adults here and with the rise of online dating, it seems to be more difficult these days to meet your significant other. Online dating sites, although giving you access to potential matches you may not have met in real life, have left a lot of us feeling disposable. However, the perk of online dating is that you can find matches based on certain things e.g. profession, age, race or religion. If these traits and values are important to you in a potential partner, then obviously it’s vital that you’re able to meet someone who ticks the boxes. With so many fish in the sea, this can be easier said than done.

I’ve recently met a pair of women who are trying to change this with a niche personal matchmaking service, and they’re brilliant.

 Bloom Consultancy Muslim Matchmaking

Bloom Consultancy is a modern Muslim matchmaking service founded by sisters and certified matchmakers, Ansa and Shabana.

Frustrated with seeing friends and family struggle to find a life partner who shared both their religious values and a modern professional outlook, they decided to form a new type of matchmaking service. One that would balance core values and religious beliefs with expert advice and personalised support. Bloom Consultancy was born and with the support of a team of relationship experts they are set to help professional Muslim singles all over the UK find the lasting partnership they have been searching for.

In a world of disposable dating and swiping right, it’s easy to become completely turned off by online dating. There may be thousands of potential partners at your fingertips but how many have real staying power? Add religion into the mix and finding the person to spend the rest of your life with can feel like an impossible task. Bloom Consultancy wants to change this picture for Muslim singles. In short, Bloom will provide professional Muslims across the UK with the tailored support they need to create meaningful and lasting relationships.

Why would you use a matchmaking service like Bloom Consultancy?

Personal Experience

Ansa and Shabana are successful professional Muslims and have personal experience of how difficult it is to find someone who shares you British values but is also proud of his/her Muslim heritage. The two are not mutually exclusive as you may read in the media!

Core Values

The emphasis on their core values which are at the heart of their service; honesty, integrity, kindness, open mindedness, trust, commitment.

Niche Service

Bloom Consultancy offers matchmaking services for professional muslims only, which means that your guaranteed to meet another who already ticks those boxes.

Bloom Consultancy Matchmakers

“Balance both your religious beliefs and cultural identity with a modern, outward-looking approach to dating”

Muslim singles are often caught between two worlds, the traditional culture of their parents and grandparents and the modern British culture that surrounds them. They may feel uncomfortable with traditional matchmaking avenues, but at the same time struggle to find someone who shares their religious and cultural values through online dating sites. Bloom Consultancy offers a fresh approach to their search for a lasting partnership. Allowing them to balance both their religious beliefs and cultural identity with a modern, outward-looking approach to dating. Helping them to regain control of their dating experience.

As founders and certified matchmakers, Shabana and Ansa, explain:

“We wanted to create the type of service and experience that we would want to use if we were single and looking to meet someone. Whilst we are a Muslim matchmaking and introduction service, for us the person comes first and the religion second. We will only take clients who share our core values.”

Matchmaking is rapidly becoming the first choice for many busy professionals who find it hard to fit online dating and the likes into their schedules. It naturally becomes even more difficult when you’re seeking someone who shares the same values, however it seems that Shabana and Ansa – amongst others in the industry – are bridging the gap and making finding love not an arduous task, a fun and exciting journey – which is exactly what it should be.

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