Interesting Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Interesting Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

We’re sexual beings. There’s no denying that.

We’re also novelty-seeking beings. As much as we might love steak and potatoes, there’s a very low chance anyone is satisfied with just that for dinner each night. The two principles are interrelated. After a certain amount of time, even the most rewarding and emotionally connected sexual encounters between two people can start to feel routine or maybe even mundane. It’s at this point that you should consider flipping the script a little bit to bring back some novelty into your sex life.

These methods don’t need to be taken to the extreme. Just a little bit of kick-start is all you need:

Temperature Play

To properly engage in temperature play, you’re going to need something that can hold either heat or warmth for long periods of time. The simplest and easiest to explain form of temperature play involves using ice cubes. You can run the ice cubes up and down along the erogenous zones of your partner to provoke a physical response. This physical response will be highly tied to their sexuality, creating an environment where it’s difficult to differentiate where the surprise from the cold differs from the surprise from the sexual touch. Warmth play is just as worthwhile as the soothing nature of a warm object being run down your back, and can be just as intense as the sharp sensations of an ice cube.

Add Sex Toys

Sex toys don’t function to replace any part of a sexual encounter, but to enhance one. Vibrators can be shaped in a myriad of different ways the penis just can’t. Plus, the vibrations themselves aren’t replicable by the human body whatsoever. A site like Vorgasms can help you get started without having to wade through pages upon pages of sex toys online. These toys can help quell performance anxiety, be a fun thing to explore together, or just work to increase the pleasure ceiling of your sexual encounters. Don’t underestimate the power a simple vibrating egg can possess. It’s all about how you use these toys to better satisfy one another.

Power dynamics

They say that everything in life is about sex except for sex, which is about power. There’s some level of truth to this saying in that the push-and-pull dynamics between two people has a lot to do with someone’s level of arousal. An easy way to get quick results with this method is just to change who’s “in charge” of any particular session. If one partner typically plays a more aggressive role, that partner can be more submissive and let the other dictate what’s happening and why. This can, of course, also be taken to an extreme where one partner allows full control over another, but that isn’t entirely necessary. The main point here is to change up how both of you interface when having sex.


Hopefully, these tips can serve as a starting point for allowing you to better lose yourself in the bedroom. The whole point is that you need to shatter the current concept of sex being a scripted, by-the-book affair and back into being something filled with spontaneity. You don’t need to break out any whips or restraints.

You just need to understand your current sexual dynamic, and play with it slightly until you have something new and exciting.

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