How to Find Black & African Egg Donors in the UK

How to Find Black & African Egg Donors in the UK

Black and African Surrogacy and egg donors are hard to source in the UK, they’re one of the most difficult sectors as black and African people are a minority in the UK, making it harder to source a suitable donor or surrogate who can help you start your own family.

Niche fertility services, such as black and African egg donors and surrogacy mothers can be extremely useful to family’s who are experiencing reproduction issues. Reproduction issues can also cause stress for both sides of the relationship especially if they’ve been trying to start their own family and have either had no luck or complications have arisen through the early stages of pregnancy.

How Does Surrogacy Work?

Surrogacy is when another female carries a fertilised egg, this is done via an IVF treatment where the eggs are gathered, fertilised and then inserted in the womb of a surrogate mother who will carry the developing egg through the pregnancy stages.

After the birth of the child, the surrogate will hand over the baby to the family who have funded the surrogate mother who will then begin to raise the child.

In some cases, eggs donations can be taken from the mother, they cannot be used if the female has problems with their eggs.

How Do You Find A Surrogate Mother?

You can find a surrogate mother through an independent company who will source surrogates for you according to a criteria which you provide, it is then the job of the company to source the surrogates and provide their information to the couple, who can then choose from a selection some company will offer small batches at a time, but it doesn’t mean you have to choose right away and the company will have to alternative candidate for the surrogacy position.

These companies are specialist in the sourcing of surrogate mothers and will often look to Africa as the UK has a minority population of black and African people.

How to Find a Sperm Donor

There are many ways to find sperm donors, you can get sperm from a sperm bank/fertility clinic and arrange for the person to donate their sperm via IUI/IVF or home insemination.

How Does Sperm Donations Work?

There are many sperm donation facilities across the UK, but within the black and African there are few donations available due to the black and African people being a minority in the UK.

Sperm donation is used to fertilise an egg which has been taken from a mother, weather the mother is your partner or your looking to source a suitable egg donor.

Depending on the treatment you’re eligible for sperm donations can help you to fertilise an egg without contraception, and the egg can then be placed into the womb of the carrier.

What Other Options Are Available?

There are alternative routes you can go to start your own family such as adoption, there are many kids who are looking for a family and if IVF treatment is too expensive or you have concerns then you could consider giving a child a family which they do not already have.

There are many different types of charities who will help you give a child a home and will support you through the process. You’re able to meet the children before you sign up for adoption and you’re able to provide them with a stable home.

For more information about fostering children you should contact a local charity who specialise in the adoption of children.

Helpful? I hope so!

Starting a family can be an exciting time but when fertility issues present themselves, it can be incredibly frustrating and a difficult concept to come to terms with. However, with the correct support and access to information about your options, you will find that help is available. Whatever stage of your fertility journey you, or you and your partner are at, you will be able to find the right support for you.


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