Is Going Down Going Up?

Is Going Down Going Up?

Remember the days when you’d read a dating column or article and it’d be all bunny rabbits and rainbows, talking about finding the perfect partner, or falling hopelessly head over heels in love? Well, you can kiss that era of innocence goodbye!

True love will always form a priority, or a goal, of any dating endeavour, but it’s become increasingly clear to me that good, no – great sex – is a key element to ensure a happy and healthy relationship; one where you’ll forever be weak at the knees and wet in the knickers.

However, I’m not just referring to good ol’ fashioned missionary love making. Oh no. These days, stigmas are disappearing and other sexual acts are becoming much more prominent in the bedroom department than ever before. That’s right. I’m talking about oral sex.

For your information, oral sex is now more basic than ‘normal sex’ and sure, it’s safe to assume that this most certainly isn’t part of God’s plan, but a multitude of surveys and conventional wisdom seems to suggest that it’s a fact of life. More and more people are getting stuck into oral than ever before and I couldn’t help but wonder – is going down, going up?

Naturally, as this thought occurred to me, I got straight on the phone to my reliable male friend; a friend who, like me, has no qualms when it comes to discussing taboo subjects, and as you can imagine, this pleases me greatly.

“So, what’s the deal with oral sex? Why do YOU like it so much?”

I was pretty content with my opening line, and I don’t think he seemed phased by my line of questioning in the slightest.

“It keeps things exciting, and a different way to please your partner”

Interesting – was my initial reaction. We all know, simply by dating and reading that men are pretty obsessed with the concept of oral sex or in laments terms – “getting a blowy”, and I was glad that I now had some insight into why.

Just as men sometimes experience monumental difficulty when it comes to understanding why we women are such emotional creatures (understatement of the century I’m sure), an awful lot of women have trouble figuring out why men like getting – or giving – head so god damn much.

I actually know a whole bunch of girls who put this down to the fact that men are selfish, self-serving, sexually deviant pigs who just focus on getting their jollies, because that’s ‘all they care about’. Granted, I’m sure in a few minor instances this may be the case but certainly not the majority.

Sex, after all, isn’t as deviant as some of us might think it to be. Sure, you may have tried a few new things, or got yourself tied up – literally, but when it comes down to it, oral sex is performed for the same reason as ‘normal sex’ – to please.

In this day and age, the act of ‘having sex’ definitely isn’t as ‘big news’ as it used to be, and nor is oral sex. In fact – did you know that before the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, oral sex was actually considered to be a predominantly homosexual act? No? Well nor did I until recently, but I suppose as times change, people change, habits change and acts change.

Gone are the days of discretion, and welcome to the age of frivolity.

I mean, if you’re unsure as to whether you should be performing or receiving oral sex, try and put yourself in a position of pleasurable experimentation. Of course, not everyone’s going to love it, but if you never try, you never know. You may find your mouth to be a damn good tool to please! Undoubtedly, the key to a strong relationship is maintain an exciting sex life, and a bit of giving and getting in the oral department might just keep that burning desire alight!

As a woman, it can be pretty intimidating when a man chooses to expose his prodigiousness for whatever reason, but embrace it. Oral is a great way to show your partner that you care, and it works both ways – we women love a head between our legs! Why? Well not only does it feel great but oral sex is a selfless act, and correct me if I’m wrong but selflessness (particularly between the sheets) is a pretty attractive quality in a significant other.

It’s safe to assume that the chastity of the mouth is no longer an issue in today’s society. The stigma surrounding oral sex is vanishing completely, and going down really is going up, so carpe that diem and get down there!

love naomi



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