Why I Just Bought Louboutins

Why I Just Bought Louboutins

Yes, I just bought a pair of stunning Louboutins which cost more than I pay for my property in a month. It may seem SLIGHTLY extravagant albeit completely ridiculous, but hear me out, because as always I have a perfectly logical explanation to explain my actions and in this case, my spending.

Much like the majority of women out there, ever since the day I started watching Disney films, I dreamed of meeting the perfect man and having a connection with someone unlike no other – true love. However, as I started to grow older, get boobs and gain life experience, I began to realise that it isn’t so easy to find him. I’ve always imagined coming face-to-face with my knight in shining armour but to date all I’ve come across is tossers in tin foil. I’m not going to lie – dating can be hard, on both the head and the heart.

I’m sure we can all agree that dating is no walk in the park, you literally have to sieve through the mud to find the gold. Of course, none of us expect to fall in love on the first date but it would be a pleasant and welcome change to meet more people in which you see true potential as a partner. I’ve seen a lot of hurt over the years and for someone my age, I don’t feel that’s normal but conventional wisdom seems to suggest that it’s perfectly ordinary to experience romantic ups and downs at any stage.

Have you been cheated on? Yeah, me too and it sucks. To be deceived by someone you care about so much is a painful experience, not to mention emotionally damaging and much to my surprise and sorrow, infidelity is now more common than ever. The aftermath of that sort of situation is nothing short of predominant when your friends come round to see you and you’re wrapped in a duvet, mascara down your face and covered in chocolate wrappers. It hurts, and then it’s back to the start, back to being single. This kind of wrongdoing is bad because it’s intentional, but the unintentional instances bite you too.

Imagine falling for the right person at the wrong time? You feel a sense of lust, elation and contentment you’ve never really felt before, or not felt in a long time at least, but there’s no real potential for your relationship to move forward. It’s heartbreaking. How can something that feels so right, in reality, be so wrong? Even so, it’s so hard to turn it off. Once you develop strong feelings for a significant other, regardless of the reason you part ways, you’ve got to find closure and move on and again, it’s not easy but it is achievable.

By this stage, and as you’ve probably guessed by now, I’ve ticked a lot of boxes when it comes to having experienced a series of unfortunate events but I’m at peace with that. Shit happens. My friends would tell you that I’m an advocate of the single life and to some extent, they’d make a very valid point. At this phase in my life, I am unwilling to settle for anything less than love. If it doesn’t feel right, I certainly don’t wait around to find out why. I pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep moving forward – mainly to the box of chocolates sat in my drawer for such occasions – but forward nonetheless.

The majority of the time, for me, being single is a choice. A choice that I deserve to be in a happy and healthy relationship. I’m a hard-working, caring and pretty hilarious woman (obviously modest as well) and I feel that whoever I end up with will appreciate these traits, feel mutually and undoubtedly, our love would be reciprocal. However, at times, being single wasn’t my choice, in fact, I had no choice. No matter how much I cared for another, sometimes it’s just not meant to be. With this being the case, you’ve got to forget about being love-blind and screw on your logical head to accept that this is the best decision, even if it hurts.

As I’m now in my mid-twenties, the moment has come where my friends are settling in, settling down, getting engaged, getting married and I’m just, well, here. Just me and my takeaway menu and a DVD boxset, but that’s okay. My time will come, but what I’m trying to say is that it’s not always easy being single but in the end, I know it will be worth it.

It can be pretty tough strolling in a single girl’s shoes so sometimes, you’ve gotta spend a little bit more on a pair that’s special to make that walk a little bit more satisfying.

love naomi


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