Guys, Here’s How To Give Your Girl The Best Head EVER

Guys, Here’s How To Give Your Girl The Best Head EVER

Sex is a pretty personal thing and it’s always going to be an “each to their own” sorta case. However, after having spoken to friends and more than a few people online, it has come to my attention that the male of the species wouldn’t be averse to a nudge in the right direction when it comes down to, well, going down.

Let’s face it, none of us are mind-readers and generally speaking, the best people who know how to give women great orgasms are… women. We know how our bodies work and we have definitely found out how to push our own buttons (quite literally) down to a tee, and of course we want our men to be able to do exactly the same thing.

Oral sex – for a woman – is great, fantastic, amazing, wonderful, mind-blowing… if you get it right. Unfortunately, we can only assume that some blokes have been told what to do by the Jay of the group.

Fear ye not gents. Sure, your mates might have misled you when it comes to giving a girl great oral but try and forget about what they’ve told you and listen to me. Trust me, the proof is in the pudding. If you manage to nail all these things, you can sleep easy knowing you’ve given your significant other the best head EVER.

I’ve had it (and by God have I had it) and here’s how…

Make her TOTALLY comfortable

If you haven’t figured out by now, sometimes it can take a woman a lot longer to reach orgasm than a man. It’s not a secret, it’s science, so suck it up. We women know this and some, more than others, might feel pretty self-conscious about this so be sure to make your partner feel totally 100% comfortable ‘cos if she feels like she’s with some guy that isn’t in a rush and is happy to please for however long it is, hell, that’s a turn on in itself!

A little teasing goes a long way

Don’t just go straight in for the kill, metaphorically speaking of course. You’ve got to build up to the main event and heighten the anticipation. Basically, the tension should be unbearable, in a damn good way. It’s like I said, sometimes it takes women longer to orgasm than men, however a lot of teasing and touching can really turn your partner on, making the whole thing more pleasurable, more enjoyable and the orgasm? More monumental than ever before.

Use your hands…

Sure, during oral sex, your mouth’s gonna be doing the majority of the work but don’t just lie there with your head between her legs flickin’ your tongue like a bloody snake. You’ve got limbs remember. Don’t forget how important erogenous zones are (the places on your body that give you that tingly feeling). Grab her thighs, stroke her tummy… you know what I mean. Enhance the experience, make her feel really wanted and get your hands all over her!

…and fingers

Oh, yeah. When people think of oral sex, they think it’s the law to just use your tongue and nothing else. This is false information so fuck that. Guys, this is the moment the penny drops. I don’t mean go all about fingerblasting and the likes. Just tease her and here’s a tip – right as she reaches orgasm – that’s when to start the finger foreplay. I’m telling you now, you’ll realise why when she’s grabbing the back of your head and losing her mind. You may thank me later.

Pay attention

So, you’ve done a bit of teasing, your hands are working her body, your fingers are reporting for duty, but how do you know what she likes best without opening your mouth and asking? Just pay attention. How is she moving her hips? What noises is she making? It’s not a mystery when you start to recognise what makes her tick, and when you do, you know to eat, sleep, *do whatever is making her grab the bedsheets*, repeat.

Keep your tongue in check


As much as you might think you’ve got to work your tongue around her entire vagina, this is a misconception. Don’t. Want to make her have a mind-blowing orgasm? Okay, think of it this way. Your tongue is made of metal and her clitoris is a magnet. That’s where your tongue should be, and keep it there. That’s literally the long and short of it. You’ve built up the anticpation, you’re working her erogenous zones, and now, you need to lick at a pace as if your life depends on it. That’s it. Nothing else…

…Because if you do



love naomi

P.S. Tried and tested 😉



    • Martins
      January 5, 2018 / 6:35 pm

      Thanks a million for the undoubtedly lesson here. My wife is always asking me to lick well and am sure I got a full package henceforth. Thanks again.

      • Gjc
        April 27, 2018 / 5:54 am

        Girl is a hooker who I see a lot
        Very hard to make her come
        Sometimes can eat her for 40-50 minutes with no results
        Any tips

  1. EdLover2two8
    April 17, 2018 / 8:49 am

    From my experiences it all depends on the woman. They are not machines so there is no one method that absolutely works for all of our Queens. Some like the tongue all in there love whole, some like for you to capture there “bean” and give them the super vacuum suction non stop until they cum, and others just want my personal favorite style of eating and that to make every part of your face to join in on the action. To me there are no better feelings than when; 1. a woman just totally concedes and gives herself to you trusting you will safely take her on a round trip to ecstasy n back, 2. after you’ve feasted on her goods, your complete face from your eyebrows to your chin hairs are soaking wet with her silky juices, and 3. making her cum n feel appreciated n wanted during n after sex. Seeing a woman’s face and feeling her body tremble in satisfaction is just as good if not better than me myself ejaculating. Theres no view more majestic n beautiful than that of a woman completely satisfied just laying there rubbing her body n legs all over the bed sheets as shes coming back down off her sexual high.

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