What Is Dating Anyway?

What Is Dating Anyway?


I like this explanation. It’s logical and to the point, which is spectacularly ironic given the fact that dating itself is actually, in my experience, the complete opposite – irrational and complicated.

‘Dating’ is the not-so-straight-forward process we take part in on our journey to finding our “one true love”. It’s the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social event in public, together, as a couple. Whether it’s dinner, dancing, drinking or doing something different, a date itself comes in many forms; as do the men (or women) that you find yourself dating.

You crave the feeling of ‘butterflies’ and don’t get me wrong, it’ll happen. Some dates may be wonderful, filled with charming banter, an abundance of similarities, strong feelings of lust and the classic “So can I see you again?” However, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that dates may also be classed as horrific, embarrassing, heart-breaking, time-wasting and basically, emotionally damaging. Okay, I know, this sounds awful, but every person you say ‘no’ to takes you that one step closer to the one to which you’ll say ‘yes’.

My decision to record the details, dreams and disasters of my own dating history arrived only after a visible tussle with my conscience. Should I continue to look to the future, bright eyed and oblivious to my romantically unsuccessful past, or should I simply face facts?

The fact being that finding the perfect partner in life isn’t plain, it’s a pain. Somewhere, right at the back of our hopelessly  devoted minds, we believe that a certain “knight in shining armour” will appear one Summer’s day, handsome and valiant, to whisk us away for some sort of stereotypical, and apparently realistic, happily ever after.

However, I’m here to tell you that this isn’t the case. Although certain encounters with the man you’re falling for evoke such ideas, I can comfortably assure you that there are plenty of ‘tossers in tin foil’ to work your way through before you even become close to finding “the one”…trust me, I’ve done the leg work! Don’t believe me? Read thisor thisor this or this…that enough proof?

Dating isn’t easy, but don’t see that as a negative, see it as a challenge and let’s face it, we all love a bit of healthy competition. If you allow yourself to be emotionally scarred by every bad date you’ve been on, trust me, you’d look like you’d have done ten rounds with Mike Tyson. This isn’t necessary. It’s time for us to all realise that – yes – the man (or woman) we’re to fall in love with is out there, it’s just a case of enjoying the ride until you meet, which you most certainly will.

As a very wise, anonymous person once said…

“You must dig through the mud to find the gold”

…which is exactly what I did.

love naomi


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