10 Things A Girl Wants (But Won’t Ask For) From Her Guy

10 Things A Girl Wants (But Won’t Ask For) From Her Guy

Relationships, whether new or long-term, seem to take a whole lot of reading between the lines, a concept we simply don’t have time for. In a perfect world, we’d spell things out in black and white for our significant other but let’s face it, that just doesn’t happen. We women especially, are tremendously guilty of expecting things we never ask for and then complain or feel bad when we don’t receive. Messed up eh?

The old saying goes that women are from Venus and men are from Mars and it couldn’t be more true. Women are complex beings (or so it would seem) whereas men on the other hand are pretty simple (no offence) so sometimes, the male of our species just need a wee nudge in the right direction. Believe it or not, as complicated as us girls come across, it really is the little things that mean a lot to us in a relationship. We’re not after grand gestures or lavish expense to display your affection, we want simple things (good news eh) but there’s a catch… we won’t ask for them.

So guys, fret ye not, no need to wonder about what women want any longer for here are 10 things girls want, but won’t ask for…

Nice Texts

(especially in the morning and before bed)

Trust me, a “morning beautiful” or a “goodnight gorgeous” will put the biggest smile on a girl’s face and probably make her entire day (or night). A simple text message with a compliment means you’re thinking of her for all the right reasons and at all the right times; as soon as you wake up and before you go to sleep.

Pictures Together

(especially just the two of you)


A lot of us girls like physical memories. Sure, we appreciate the  stuff going on inside our head (of which there is a lot let me tell you) but generally speaking, if your girl whacks the selfie stick out and wants a snap, rather than making a fuss, just smile and go with it. You won’t believe how happy she’ll be to have a new screensaver.


(especially little ones)

I’m not talking “surprise! I booked us a five star holiday!”, I’m talking “surprise! I cooked dinner” or “surprise! I ran you a bath!” Girls live for thoughtful gestures and little surprises like these show that you care, and boy, do we feel good knowing that a guy would do for us what we’d do for them.

Really Long Hugs

(especially from behind)

I don’t even know why we love this so much. Is it because we feel safe? Secure? Loved? Adored? All of the above? Who knows, but by God it’s the best feeling in the world when your man wraps his arms round you from behind and gives you a good ol’ squeeze.


(especially sincere ones)

Generally, a f**kboy might describe a girl as “fit” or even go so far as to state something classy like “I’d bang you” or the likes. Sure, backhanded compliments are still somehow complimentary but it’s the real, sincere ones that really get us girls going. Take note: calling a girl “beautiful” create butterflies beyond  all reason. If you give a girl that feeling, you’ve pretty much nailed it.


(especially unexpected ones)

Of course it’s lovely to get flowers for a birthday, for instance, but if your man comes home from work and presents you with a £5 bunch of Carnations from Tesco, my God, is that romantic! This isn’t about gifting, or being materialistic, women love flowers and that’s that. Want your girl to be weak at the knees? A small floral investment will certainly be a strong idea.


(especially deep ones)

We don’t like to be serious all the time, girls want a right good laugh and a joke with their guy but – from time to time – we like to talk about our feelings (sorry but that’s just life) and we’d perhaps like you to share a little more with us about something other than what bets you’ve got on or what joke Dave told you down the pub. It won’t be often but when it is, maybe take your attention off the tele and give your girl a decent half hour of chat. She’ll appreciate it more than you can imagine.


(especially out and about)

Chivalry definitely isn’t dead so show her. Hold the door open, pull her chair out, all that kit and caboodle. We women are complete suckers for old fashioned romance and it’s a great way of showing her that you really do put her on a pedestal just as much as she does you.


(especially when she’s upset)

I’m not gonna lie, as a gender, I reckon we can be pretty emotionally unstable from time to time (no? Just me?) and when we are, don’t roll your eyes and lock yourself in the bedroom playing Call of Duty. No, just sacrifice five or ten minutes to throw your arms around her while she let’s it all out. Comforting your girl shows you care but a word of warning, consider a black t-shirt for such an occasion because, well, mascara.

Your hoodie

(especially because, well, it’s inevitable)

Okay I’m kidding… or am I? No, I’m not. Say goodbye to your fave hoody.

Oh and if you love her, just tell her. All the time. Those 3 little words mean a lot.

love naomi




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