Signs You’re in the Wrong Relationship

Signs You’re in the Wrong Relationship

No, you don’t make hysterics, become jealous, and throw dishes. And yet, your relationship is difficult to describe as cloudless. Look at the list of dangerous symptoms and find out how they destroy your relationship when you are in love with the wrong person. And if you can apply these symptoms to your current relationship, maybe the time has come to look for girls for marriage online or somewhere else?

  1. Irritation in every situation

You had a bad day. You feel like a zero. You return home and instead of leaving all the troubles behind the threshold, you start to get irritated without a reason. Your woman may not show it, but your irritability certainly offends her. Who likes unfair reproaches? Right, no one. But falling in love with the wrong person, you unconsciously become irritable every time you see her or him.

  1. Championship of mutual reproaches

Instead of solving problems, both of you keep in mind who is offended by whom. In this case, your passion justifies your mistakes by the fact that you used to be wrong. So, in some way, you are equal in points now. As a result: the problems are not solved and you are both angry with each other. Loving the wrong person, the attempt to solve the problem is replaced by an attempt to justify own mistakes by someone else’s. Of course, there are no positive changes in this situation.

  1. Emotional intimidation

This is nothing more than an attempt to manipulate a partner’s behavior through threats. Suppose you are not satisfied with something in the behavior of a girl and instead of trying to discuss it, you simply state: “If you continue doing it, we will not be together!” After such words, she, of course, will hardly dare to wash your shirt with black socks again. But your closeness gives a serious gap from this moment. In fact, you prefer to threaten your girlfriend instead of explaining why you don’t agree with her. Such a reaction tells her that you don’t intend to make efforts for the sake of your relationship. So, the question arises: how much strong your feelings to her?

  1. Guessing game

Are you used to unpredictable reactions form a girlfriend? You know that any of your innocent actions can suddenly cause her hysteria, isn’t it? You can blame unstable hormonal balance or a mysterious female nature. But believe me: your woman almost certainly knows why she has such a reaction. It is likely that there may only a couple of reasons for this and she doesn’t tell about them, hoping that you can understand everything by yourself. For her, the situation looks so simple! Take into account two unpleasant tendencies: firstly, your woman gradually accepts the idea that you are not able to understand her (no matter how wrong she is in this situation). Secondly, let’s admit: your patience is also not unlimited! And your stock after each such “scene” is exhausted.

  1. Unhealthy manifestations of jealousy

Are you called in for interrogation coming home later than promised? Or is it even worse, do you suspect her in an affair with a neighbor? This is unhealthy jealousy, dude. Stop paranoid and admit: this jealousy may lead to the fact that you both will have real reasons to be jealous in the future. In the opinion of psychologists, any trifle can become the reason for jealousy, but you have to try to calmly discuss it if you want to save a relationship.

  1. Unwillingness to solve problems

Do you arrange a shopping trip and try to behave as if nothing happens instead of analyzing the reasons of the quarrel? You’d better take care of both a wallet and a relationship! It is obvious that shopping doesn’t solve problems that led to the quarrel. And it will be more and more difficult to mask them. And moreover, dating the wrong person, we don’t want to solve anything at all.


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