10 Psychology Tricks To Influence Others to Like You

10 Psychology Tricks To Influence Others to Like You

There are people who evoke sympathy at first sight. They easily make new contacts and manage to establish a trusting relationship with any person. All people around love and appreciate them. But how do they do it and is it possible to learn this?

Here are 10 clever psychology tricks to influence others to like you…

  1. Show that you are genuinely interested and enthusiastic

It’s plain out that people love those who love them. If you can show sincere interest in the person with whom you are talking and be enthusiastic, you will hit the target. Then you can start talking any nonsense – he won’t even notice.

  1. Become a good listener

If you want learn how to influence people, firstly become a good listener. Stop thinking about what to say next in order to continue the conversation, and focus on the words of your interlocutor. Be curious and ask more questions about what interests you.
The findings of an investigation show that when people ask the interlocutor to tell them more about something, they become more pleasant and attractive in his or her eyes.

The basics of active listening are quite simple:
1. Listen carefully to your interlocutor. Don’t interrupt, argue or evaluate him.
2. Nod and make brief approving comments like “yes” or “yeah.”
3. Don’t hesitate to generalize the essence of what your interlocutor said.
4. Be curious. Ask questions that show your interest in the topic.

  1. Make compliments

The easiest and quickest way to to influence someone and get his sympathy almost instantly is to praise him. We all know that sometimes even the smallest compliment can set good humor for the whole day. Just make sure that it’s sincere! Practice your skills in making compliments via this online dating service!

  1. Don’t be bent on negative

The human psyche is arranged in such a way that we are so drawn to discuss other people’s misconducts, disasters or accidents.

It should be remembered that the information you reproduce will subconsciously affect the attitude of people towards you. Gradually you will be associated with those phenomena and events, about which you speak most often. Each person has a kind of “emotional memory”, where the image of other people imprints itself. If you manage to leave positive impression, then any of your actions will cause approval and sympathy.

  1. Ask for advice

It’s a good way to influence others in the workplace. All people like to give advice and moral arguments, as it emphasizes their status and value. Herewith, it’s important not to lose a sense of proportion and cross an invisible line, since in case of excessive importunity, you will get the opposite result.

  1. Repeat the last sentence

People want to be heard. Let them know about it by simply repeating the last few words of the sentence with an appropriate intonation. Such conversation can be maintained for hours. In this case, your friend will be in the full confidence that you are vividly interested in his story.

  1. Be useful

One of the best ways to make people like you is to help them when they need it. Such action will show that you care about them. Moreover, it will show that you are reliable and can always support a person. Do good deeds to people even if they don’t ask, thus you can win their trust.

  1. Be cheerful

How to make people like you? Make them laugh. Be cheerful, joke, and even laugh at yourself. This will show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. But do it in moderation, since there is a fine line between a funny person and a clown who only irritates others.

  1. Look good

When meeting new people, the first impression you make on them will also be a lasting impression. It’s very important that you look well-groomed, which means wearing beautiful clothes and having a good hairstyle.

  1. Smile

Smile makes you friendly, sociable and charming. These three qualities attract most people. It turns out that no one likes to approach unfamiliar people and start a conversation, so smile is the first thing you can do to show that you aren’t afraid. Even the most confident people find it encouraging. And it’s as simple as anything.


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