7 Facts About Cheating You Need to Know

7 Facts About Cheating You Need to Know

Nowadays cheating isn’t punishable by law as it used to. Despite this, cheating has always been, and remains a betrayal. The psychology of love is quite simple – it’s impossible to love two people at once. In our world, love is no longer something sacred, but ordinary. Previously, the oaths were treated respectively. Now everyone gives an oath, but many don’t keep it inviolate. Let’s consider 7 facts about cheating in relationships:

  1. Reasons for cheating

It’s believed that betrayal occurs in the event of dissatisfaction with the partner. However, as it turned out, this is not always true. So, according to the survey it became known that 56% of two-timing men are very happy in marriage, love their wives and don’t want to part with them. Also, men usually cheat with women they know. So, there is a rare chance that sexual partner will be a mysterious stranger. Men cheat to save their marriage. They often resort to this radical way to solve problems in the family in the hope of fixing a weakness.

  1. Women cheat as much as men

It’s one of the interesting women cheating facts. Psychologists say that men and women cheat just about the same frequency. But the reasons for their betrayal are different. So, women cheat for the sake of emotional satisfaction. The most common type of female infidelity is cheating in the networks, without physical contact. Being emotionally attached to another person already means breaking the tether of the marriage. And sex most often happens by mistake, and not because of attachment. But when it comes to single Ukrainian women, be sure that no cheating is going to happen in a relationship!

  1. Even after the restoration of relations with his wife, a husband can be pine for cheating

Perhaps a husband loves his wife and wants to save the marriage very much, but he will never completely forget about his treason. Men may pine for the benefits of cheating – fun, lack of responsibility, sex, emotions – and more often for the feeling that they experienced in the process, which is a much more destructive factor for family relations. The recurrence of the relationship that was between you, when your union was just born, can help.

  1. A cheater always knows that he hurts his wife

It’s one of the proven psychological facts about cheating. A man can realize the negative that he brings to his wife, family and himself, but still continues to cheat. Why? This is his psychological perception of the situation. While he feels unwanted and unappreciated, defeats his inner need to be loved and needed.

  1. Cheating can improve marriage

Is cheating always the path to divorce? Not at all. This can give a second wind to the marriage. A man realizes with whom he still wants to spend the rest of his life, and understands that the new relationship isn’t as good as it seemed. But think twice before continuing the match with a cheater. He doesn’t have much self control, and if he came loose one day, perhaps a frustration could happen again.

  1. Cheaters want more sex from their wives

When a man start cheating, he becomes hyper-sexual, because his sex drive awakens after betrayal, and the wife is still a person with whom it’s the most comfortable to spill out the excess of sexuality. If you notice such change in your husband, watch him. When extra-dyadic relationships end, he will looks himself again.

  1. Men hate themselves after cheating

Perhaps you think that cheaters are people without a sense of morality, but even if they like the process of cheating, after that they can despise themselves for what they have done. A man can feel like a piece of garbage – after all, he betrayed another person, whom he had to take care of, and this leaves traces on his psyche.

Love is a complicated thing and at the same time simple. It drives us crazy and can both revive from earth to heaven, and damp our spirits. Remember that love is a mutual work, which has no end. If you stop trying, your destiny will become hopeless. Love comes at a price, so don’t be jealous in vain and cheat on your significant other. Try to keep from it, because family is all that we have.


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