Dressing Down To Dildos: Rhian Sugden Tells All

Dressing Down To Dildos: Rhian Sugden Tells All

At the beginning of the year, I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with one of the UK’s top lingerie models…

Rhian Sugden

We talked about, well, a bit of everything really. She’s been a busy bee within the industry and there’s a lot of new and exciting things she’s bringing to us for 2017 so I’ll shut up for now and tell you exactly what she told me…

So what are you doing with yourself these days?

A bit of this, a bit of that. Ha! I am still quite busy stripping down to bare minimals and having pics taken but I have been trying to add more strings to my bow recently. When I’m not stripping off I’m doing a bit of property developing, and if I’m not covered in paint, I’m selling dildos from my new business ToolboxXx. Random bag huh?

I love being busy, and trying to push myself to do more and more. I am also in the process of writing an erotic novel which I am loving doing! It’s all very exciting!

ToolboxXx? How did that all start?

ToolboxXx was created when some chump filled my front lawn with dildos and vibrators trying to humiliate me in the highly populated Jewish area where I live.

It was clearly a prank, or somebody just trying to make me look like some kind of weird sex fiend… however I worked out that somebody must have paid a good few hundred quid to get the apparatus for this prank and it got me researching things… and how expensive it actually is to be able to have a bit of alone time fun! One thing led to another and hey presto I am now trying to beat most market prices out there on sex toys… to make having sexual fun more affordable!


What makes Toolboxxx different to other brands?

I try to make things different. People who know me and have followed my career for the last ten years know I have tried my fair share of underwear on, so I know how to look sexy with grinding through the agony chaffing and wedgies/ I have had enough very strange sexual encounters to know what I like and what other people like and I am always on hand on my site to offer my own advice and help.

I am in the process of creating my own review videos, which I know a lot of my other competitors do but I want to add a bit of humour into it. Sex and sex toys doesn’t have to be such a taboo subject anymore. Anyone who’s everyone loves a bit of self-congratulating, it’s a free hobby, so why not! I class myself as a sex toy enthusiast who is happy to share the love and broaden peoples’ minds.  I am also not a big company, it’s me and a very small team that run everything which adds a more personal touch. Plus I am slightly cheaper than most.

You’re one of the UK’s top lingerie models, how important do you think it is for a partner to support ambitions and lifestyle choices?

I think it is massively important. My ambitions are a bit more risky than most. Stripping down to my underwear and launching my own sex toy range isn’t something a partner finds easy telling their parents! I like to think I have been successful in my lifestyle choices. Don’t get me wrong I have made a few rookie errors, but I am very driven and ambitious and I have been lucky enough to have a partner (and in-laws) that can appreciate the achievements I have made. If I didn’t have a supportive group around me I couldn’t have done what I have done! Although saying that I am a very independent woman so probably would have given it a good go either way, it’s definitely been an added bonus to have a supportive partner as well.


Would you say being in the public eye has affected your outlook on dating and relationships at all?

I think it has yes. I have been cheated on by so many guys it’s a joke. I blame that on people just wanting a trophy notch on their bed post! I have also had boyfriends sell stories on me and allsorts, so I am extra cautious nowadays. It takes a lot for me to give anything away. Trusting men is a difficult one for me. I still have yet to come across a man I 100% trust! I was a late starter in life when it comes to sex and relationships and I started in the public eye when I was 19, so in a way its all ive ever known really. But comparing stories with my friends out the limelight they haven’t had as much bad luck with men as I have. So yes, I think being in the public eye has something to do with that.

C’mon this is a cheeky one, top sex tip for the girls?

Lube up. Not necessarily you. I am sure your juices flow nicely. Lube up your hand, or get a flavoured gel lube sachet for when its your turn to head down to the business end. You will have him in the palm of your hand. Literally! Wet is best!

…and one for the guys?

 Don’t put pressure on a woman to have an orgasm! Firstly.. not a lot of women can through sex, and secondly the more pressure you put on, (physically and mentally) you will drive her in the wrong direction. Don’t drill away and head towards an orgasm just to boost your own ego. Pleasure her. Make her feel great! A big no no… don’t make eye contact when you are down the business end. That is our time. We don’t want just two eyes peering up above the pubic bone… its off putting no matter how much you try and pull sexy eyes. Eyes closed or look down!

Stunning: Rhian Sugden is naturally keen to capitalise off her sensational curves - most recently delighting fans with sexy images from her forthcoming calendar

Any dating/relationship advice to share?

I used to have horrendous confidence issues when it came to meeting new partners, first dates, all the newbie stuff. When I was on the hunt for the right guy I would be questioning myself all the time.  “Why hasn’t he text me back!”  “I can see him online on whatsapp!!” “Does he like me!?” … all those crazy women thoughts never left my mind.

Over the years I have learnt that even if you can fake confidence just for a little bit, it then starts to come naturally.

Confident women don’t analyse if someone likes you, they just assume he does. Confident women don’t show off or brag about themselves, they slowly reveal layers over time. I have learnt it is a much more attractive trait to give less away about yourself and make a man work hard to know more about you.

The main thing I would say is don’t attach your worth to what a guy thinks, don’t get stressed out when a fella’s feelings are unclear. Just assume he likes you and enjoy riding the wave of getting to know someone. Fears, doubts and coming across as a Desperate Debbie is off-putting for all men.

Also, don’t pretend to like something just because he likes it. Opposites attract! Men like it when women have their own ideas, hobbies and interests. They don’t want you hanging out of their back pocket pretending you love all the things they do. Bring a new exciting and interesting aspect to his life. The more interesting you are the more of a catch you become. 

So there you have it, there’s definitely more to Miss Sugden than meets the eye, and I think it’s safe to say we’ll all be giving Toolboxx a try in 2017, I mean if that’s not an exciting New Year’s Resolution, I don’t know what is!


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    January 9, 2017 / 11:47 am

    No Looking up?
    Who does this one think she is? 🙂
    Many-a-plaudit received for my eye contact…
    She’s at it, could be doing with swapping the m/f tips around haha

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