Overcoming Insecurities: Acne

Overcoming Insecurities: Acne

As women, it’s safe to say that we all have a list of insecurities as long as our arms. It’s pretty normal. I know for one that sometimes, I go out feeling like a million dollars whereas other times, particularly for me when I’m hormonal, nothing I wear looks nice, my make-up won’t set right, my hair is dry, my nails look crap, my skin feels horrid… the list is seemingly endless. We all go through it. However, we all experience different insecurities because well, we’re all different. Some come and go, other stick with us, and it’s learning to embrace these supposed “imperfections” to give us a real confidence boost. So the first is one that pretty much affects nearly all of us at some point…


Recognise some of these faces? Of course you do!

They’re all Hollywood celebrities who suffer from acne. I say suffer, but they don’t suffer at all. They deal with it – and treat it – however they can and still turn out looking – and feeling – amazing right? Right! Acne seems to be a massive insecurity for a lot of women and it’s totally understandable. Acne scars, spots and redness are the last thing you want and let’s face it, they don’t exactly give you good vibes when you’re getting ready for date night! The reason I chose to talk about acne in this instance was because it seems to be the most “popular” insecurity amongst women I’ve spoke to online and I can’t blame them. When it comes to dating, the first thing you think about is first impressions and of course, your face is the moneymaker so where something like acne’s concerned, it’s no wonder that your confidence can take a kicking.

There are, however, a whole lot of different ways to overcome your insecurity about your acne. I guess the big problem is deciding which one. There seems to be so many lotions and potions and creams and oils and – you get my drift – so I turned to the land of the bloggers (YouTube that is) to find the best reviews of the most different products and it seemed that the most highly commended product – not just by blogger Liv but by doctors and experts alike – was a blue light device – Lustre Pure Light. I found that one of the biggest perks of this product was that, yes it’s a safe way to treat to acne, but moreso that you can use it whilst you’re pretty much doing anything else – watching the tele, painting your nails – you get the gist. It’s a treatment that fits in with your lifestyle, and more importantly, it’s a treatment that works. Liv recommends it, and I would too, so surely it’s a worth a shot?

On top of that, when you’re dating, you’ve got to remember that there’s a whole lot more to  you than your appearance. I get the whole “look good feel good” thing but great dates are formed of a lot more substance. Sure, you might have a few blemishes or red marks from your acne but what else do you bring to the table? I don’t mean to sound cliche but your personality, your sense of humour, your intelligence, your quick-wit. When we’re faced with physical imperfections we deem to be flaws, we seem to put so much focus on them that we dismiss the bigger picture. Never forget just how much there is that makes you you, you’re obviously a diamond – for date night or any other night – acne scars or not.



  1. May 14, 2017 / 7:33 am

    An empowering read! I love your last statement of being a diamond – you encourage readers to become more self-aware and to feel good about themselves.



    • Naomi Rebecca Lewis
      May 24, 2017 / 3:23 pm

      Hi Emily – I’m glad you think so, and it’s quite right too! I’m not just saying this but there’s so much around to make us feel bad about ourselves that it’s easy for us to forget the good stuff! The biggest thing before falling in love is learning to love yourself – as cheesy as that sounds! Haha!

      Lots of love, Naomi x

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