Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together!

Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together!

I was going to do a big, fluffy introduction to what I’ve recently discovered but it’s there in black and white so is there really any point? Probs not. The long and short of it is exactly that – couples who play together, stay together – as in, couples who masturbate to or with on another, enjoy a happier, healthier sex life. Surprising? Perhaps. There’s so many fun ways to play solo – whether that be with the old-fashioned hand-down-the-pants approach or even with the help of something a little more like the real thing. Not sure what I mean? Please see below image of me advertising said sex aid.

…but you know what I mean right? In fact, these days, according to TENGA – the sexual pleasure brand – sex toys are sometimes used more between couples than they are for solo sex! Who’d have thought it eh? It seems that we’re all a lot more open-minded to experimentation these days which is great news. We’re all slowly beginning to realise that the missionary position certainly isn’t the be all and end all for to keep the sexual spark alight. There’s actually a few more things they discovered which I found pretty interesting too, so….


51% of UK adults who masturbate and are in a relationship say they have masturbated with their partner present

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It’s a HUGE turn on. Let’s face it, whether you’ve been together 2 minutes, 2 weeks, or 2o years, you’re with this person because you’re attracted to them in all manner of ways and when you’re having sex, it makes you feel good knowing they’re being pleasured. Sometimes, just watching your partner pleasure themselves creates massive arousal, especially when they start doing it at the same time too!

More than 1 in 10 people have masturbated with a partner over the phone or Skype

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Yep, phone sex, and why the hell not? We all have needs and when your S/O is working away across the country, rather than flicking through YouPorn, it’s a great way to connect emotinally and physically by playing to the sound of their voice. Sure, it might be a little cringey if you’ve never done it before but let go of your inhibitions and enjoy it – trust me, it’s a big tease!

Couples not living together masturbate more regularly than singles 

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This comes as no surprise to me. Believe it or not, the more sex you have, the higher your libido THEREFORE the less sex you’re having, the lower your sex drive is. I’m not simply assuming that singles have less sex than couples but conventional wisdom would suggest that being in a couple means that you’re having more regular sex than someone who is single, BUT when you’re living apart, you’re not always together every night. That’s where the magic fingers come in…

68% of those who have masturbated in front of their partners, considered it a good or very good sexual experience

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Of course they have! In fact, I can’t think of a reason why they wouldn’t like it. I mean, like I said, if it’s the first time you’re getting a bit experimental, it can be slightly daunting and unnerving to completely let go of your inhibitions but generally speaking, it’ll be a big turn on for you and your S/O. The best part? You know EXACTLY how to push your own buttons so you’re guaranteed your happy ending before anything really begins. If that’s not a result, I don’t know what is.

79% of Brits who are in or have been in a relationship have used a sex toy in a sexual experience with a partner

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·Although most people tend to assume that sex toys are predominantly for women, they do a hell of a lot for men too! Of course, you’d use them for heightened sexual pleasure and to make things a little more exciting, but sometimes, you just need a little extra to make sure you orgasm. For instance, ladies, you know that sometimes – especially after a couple of wines – experiencing sexual euphoria can be a little tricky with traditional methods, however a bullet vibrator’s a quick fix that’ll sort that out and you know it – so everyone wins! Oh and guys, fret ye not, there’s loads of male masturbation toys out there too AND there’s so much more than the fleshlight out there!


Girls and boys, the next time your partner suggests getting a little more creative between the sheet…

Promise me you’ll say yes?

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