Sex Toys Aligned To Your Star Sign: Horoscope By Bijoux Indiscrets

Sex Toys Aligned To Your Star Sign: Horoscope By Bijoux Indiscrets

According to a few spiritualists and conventional wisdom, a Taurus known for being reliable, practical, ambitious and sensual; the people born under the Zodiac Sign Taurus have an eye for beauty.

They’re not wrong. I, myself, am a Taurus – quelle surprise. I’m not a massively spiritual person, but I do believe that certain personality traits are inextricably linked to your star sign so yes, in a way, I’m into it. However, I never thought that my star sign would come into my sex life, until now that is.

Horoscope is here. 

This stunning collection is not only extremely affordable but let’s face it, it’s totally gorgeous looking too. Discretely packaged, beautifully presented and totally worth every penny. I think this set is perfect not only for those who’ve tried pretty much every sex toy out there *ahem* but also for those looking to buy their first sex toy. It’s size isn’t all that intimidating and it’s not got so many bells and whistles that using it requires an instruction manual and a day off work.


Each zodiac themed kit was created by the team at Bijoux Indiscrets to let your feminine energy flow. Nice to be different eh? I certainly think so. The package includes:

A gemstone necklace unique to your star sign.

An orgasm-enhancing warming effect clitoral balm suited to your natural element.

A silicone vibrator that fits seamlessly on your finger with 10 vibration settings.

The idea is to combine all three elements for a personalised journey of pleasure and awakening, and guaranteed orgasms no doubt. I must admit, the vibrator is an absolute dream. The silicone is super soft and feels divine against your skin. Also, the fact that there are 10 different vibration settings means you can totally personalise your happy ending which I also love. One setting just sometimes doesn’t cut the mustard. Oh and it slips onto your finger – great engineering! Nothing worse than it slipping away during prime time. I’d certainly say that this little guy would be great to use mid-sex with a partner too.


The whole set is just £40, which for 3 gorgeous, effective items is an absolute steal. It’s not just one of those faddy toys that you’ll use once then shove in your drawer never to be seen again, it’s clever design (and size for that matter) means the chances of it going everywhere with you in your handbag are highly likely. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new toy, their first toy, or a mind-blowing orgasm.

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