The Ultimate Guide To Sexting

The Ultimate Guide To Sexting

Sexting is a pretty common practice these days.

Every man and his dog’s at it. Figuratively speaking of course, but it’s true. We’ve been blessed with quick communication methods via our smartphones and by God, are we taking taking advantage of it! Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation where we’re ready to have a conversation that gets you hot and bothered, and satisfied too I hope! With this in mind, I thought I’d go through a bit of a guide to sexting – the dos and don’ts as it were – to keep you on the straight and narrow. You’re welcome.

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Take It Slow

Sex isn’t all that amazing when it’s done and dusted in 45 seconds, nor is sexting. It should be a length, sensual experience to maximise the pleasure and ultimately, the climax. Don’t just jump in both feet first, take it slow, enjoy every second, focus on the finer details and work yourself up. That’s what it’s all about. It’s teasing at the end of the day, so tease and be teased!

Stay On Topic

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a good sexting session, getting comfortable, sending a few messages back and forth and then all of a sudden you get a ‘brb just need to go toilet’. Not the biggest turn on, right? If you’re going to commit to some casual sexting, try and stay on topic. You’re putting in the effort to build up momentum, keep it that way!

Practice makes perfect

Don’t forget that if you’re feeling nervous about sexting for the first time, or perhaps if you’re single and you’d just like to get your jollies, you could always try different sexting apps for adults. Yes, they’re a thing! There’s certainly no harm in a bit of playful chat that results in a happy ending.

Know Your Emojis

It’s 2018 therefore it’s absolutely vital that you can not only read, but interpret text messages that are sent using emojis only. Let’s face it, your sexually significant other would be mortified if they sent you a picture of an aubergine and a water splash only to receive a response about the important of washing your vegetables before consumption. Get my drift? If you’re not totally clued up on your emojis, be sure to do your homework beforehand so as to not ruin the moment.

Talk About Your Fantasies

If ever there was an opportunity to open up and explore your deepest, darkest desires – this is it! Your inhibitions are out of the window as you’re not face-to-face so you’re almost given the security of being behind a screen to explore your sexual fantasies. The more something turns you on, the hotter the conversation’s going to be – it’s a no brainer.

Ask Questions

Don’t just take their word for it! Keep the conversation flowing naturally by asking questions and adding detail to the exchange. I don’t just mean ‘do you like that?’ and other plain drivel, really grill them for the good stuff. The more you can do to enhance the back and forth, the better.

Don’t get too fancy

It’s all well and good using various euphemisms and innuendos when you’re sexting but don’t get too technical when you’re trying to set the scene. After all, the last thing you want is your recipient sat on the end of their bed feeling confused rather than turned on. Not ideal. Keep it simple, to the point and hot as hell.

Avoid being lazy

As much as you shouldn’t overcomplicate sexting, by the same token, you shouldn’t be lazy with it either. If you’re consistently replying with things like ‘oh yeah’, ‘oh wow’, ‘mmm’ and the likes, your sextee will probably put their phone down and put Eastenders on instead. Get creative!

Don’t feel pressured into it

Sexting is just like sex, consent is important, as with anything. If you don’t want to sext, or if you don’t feel ready to, lay your cards on the table. You’re not obliged to sext at any time so don’t feel like you have to just to please someone else. Remember, sexting is but a drop in the ocean when it comes to pleasure, and there are a million and one other ways to experiment and make things exciting.

Just have fun

Don’t overthink it. Just enjoy it. That’s what it’s all about.

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