How Many Brits Feel Lucky In Love?

How Many Brits Feel Lucky In Love?

Are you feeling lucky?

We all have our moments don’t we. Somedays, we wake up and spring out of bed like nothing can stop us and as a result, we put £10 on the lottery, buy a scratch card and hope for the best. Of course, no matter how lucky we’re feeling, it doesn’t always mean it’s going to come to anything. This isn’t me being negative, this is me being realistic. About life, that is.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with feeling luck. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it keeps us motivated and feeling positive which is definitely something that’ll keep you on track, and make you feel good at the same time. So, what’s the harm? There isn’t any as far as I’m concerned.

The same applies when we consider ourselves to be not just lucky in life, but lucky in love.

In a national survey completed by TopRatedCasinos, there were some pretty interesting findings about us feeling lucky in love. Naturally, I couldn’t help but rummage through the data and sift out some key points for you to take away from it (to save you the bother of course).

What initially struck me as odd is that – on the whole when it comes to being lucky in love – we’re a much more positive nation than I’d have envisaged, which is great.

With the rise of online dating and the seemingly overwhelming feeling of being disposable in the dating world too, I would have expected a little more ‘woe is me’ littered throughout the survey results but nope.

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When asked ‘do you feel you have ever been lucky in love’ – 57.46% of people said YES!

This gives us all some hope doesn’t it! More than half of the UK feels they have been lucky in love, but it would be interesting to find out what people believe to be ‘luck’ when it comes to love. Does it mean bumping into a potentially significant other in the middle of the street, catching eyes and living happily ever after? Or does it simply mean that you’ve finally found the one after years of experiencing the trials and tribulations of online dating? Who’s to say, but either way, it’s good news.

41.95% of people surveyed believe that falling in love is down to fate

And who are we to disagree? We can certainly share our opinions and thoughts on the subject but the fact of the matter is that we can’t prove this. We can’t prove that falling in love is OR isn’t down to fate. Some instances where people fall in love may seem to be more down to fate than others but does that mean that it IS down to fate? Our personal perceptions about WHY we fall in love are completely subjective and let’s face it, they’re certainly a good conversation starter. As far as I’m concerned, if you fall in love because of fate, or not, it’s bloody wonderful either way.

The average age of people surveyed falling in love is 28

This makes so much sense. These days, we’re not in that much of a hurry to settle down – if, at all! Rather than spending our late teens and early twenties seeking our significant other, we’re busy focusing on our careers, our education, our social lives, literally everything other than falling in love. So, it comes as no surprise that people get their shit together before setting some time aside to date and ultimately, fall in love at the ripe young age of 28. Don’t get me wrong though, there are people out there falling in love post-70 so there is always hope for a happing ending.

Of people surveyed, the average number of dates they went on before falling in love is 6

Well, I’m not disagreeing with the survey but Mama needs a little more info with this one. If this is dates with one person, then it’s pretty subjective imo. Some people are cliff divers – they fall in love hard and fast, whereas others take a long time to form that wholly significant romantic attachment to another. In terms of 6 different dates with 6 different people? I don’t buy it. The vast majority of us use online dating sites these days to meet our dates and the product doesn’t always match the paper if you get my drift. Filters much?

50% of people surveyed said that their biggest obstacle when dating is a lack of confidence

Now THAT’S a huge percentage, over half. In fact, I even wrote about how Mancunians struggle to find love due to lack of confidence recently, although now it seems that it’s not just us Northerners who get first date jitters and self-esteem concerns. It’s unfortunate but it’s affects more of us than you might think. Maybe rather than throwing yourself into the deep end of dating to find love, spend some time focusing on dating – yourself. Hear me out. Wanna build confidence? Do things that make you happy, do exactly what you want, do things for you. Trust me, you’ll start to feel great by giving yourself a little love.

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Whether you’re feeling lucky or not, whether you’re already in love or not, it’s all good. Don’t put falling in love down to fate or what’s written in the stars. Just enjoy the journey. I’m not trying to sound too fluffy, but the moment you start putting all your energy into yourself, everything else starts to fall into place (not without a few spanners in the work undoubtedly).

You’re in luck – because it’s time to focus on you. 


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