How to Hire A Male Dancer for A Bachelorette Party

How to Hire A Male Dancer for A Bachelorette Party

What’s a bachelorette party without male dancers?

There is no doubt that male dancers have been known to be the life of many bachelorette or hen party. We ladies know we love seeing these hunkies, lap-dancing on our laps, strip teasing and showing off their god-like manliness in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Truth be told, without male dancers in a bachelorette party, we may just have one of the most boring times on our hands. If you are looking to spicing a friend’s party and have been looking for ideas on how to go about it, go for male dancers or strippers. You can’t go wrong with that.

Let me help you with the process…

Why Hire Male Dancers?

If you are wondering why you should hire male dancers when you can as well invite your hunky male friends, here are a few reasons why you may want to change that view.


Professional male dancers are professional about their operations. They know they have a job to do and they do it well. There are no emotional involvements; everything is simply whole hearted fun without any strings attached. According to this article here, these male dancers love the fun, and have loads of fun bringing joy to your event. You cannot expect to have this kind of relationship with a friend or acquaintance.

Even as you party, a professional male dancer will never lose control of his senses. He is on a job and therefore will not get drunk or high. It’s a job for him and he must remain lucid to be able to fully satisfy his customers.

Full Control

When you hire male dancers, you are the customer and you can determine what happens and to what extent it does. The simple fact that you will constantly be in control of the proceedings is a great plus. This is not something you can guarantee with friends and acquaintances.


Can you imagine being in a room full of naked, muscled men without being afraid? It’s the stuff fantasies are made of. These professionals are never a threat to you. With all the lap dancing, strip teasing and other fun activities, you are always safe in the knowledge that nothing you do not sanction will happen. You can therefore have unrestricted fun.


They say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. You can have all the fun you need to have at your bachelorette party, knowing that it all stays there. You cannot expect to pull something like that off with a male friend or acquaintance. You will likely have them looking at you on the wedding day with eyes reminding you of the escapades of the bachelorette party.

With a professional, the fun is had and forgotten so you can move on with your life without anyone dragging you back to the events of that night.

How to Hire Male Dancers

If you are now thinking of how to order male strippers for a bachelorette party, you are on the right path to having the most fun you may have had in your life. Now to ensure you get the best experience, we will look at a few steps you should consider before hiring.

Choose a Reputable Agency

The quality of service you will enjoy will depend on the quality and professionalism of the agency you hire. There is a lot the agency has to do. It has to thoroughly vet its models, doing all necessary background checks to ensure they won’t become a source of danger to their clients.

They must also train their models and ingrain in them the rules by which they must operate. Since there is no direct way for you to confirm if an agency actually does all these, the next best thing to do is to find out from other users what they think of the agencies they have worked with.

You can search for reviews on independent review sites like Google+. Look for agencies that have very good reviews and reputation. This will help you choose correctly.

Decide on a Location

Where are you going to have your party? At home, at a club or wherever the agency suggests? This may be a factor in determining your cost. Any agency you contact will surely want to know where you want to have the party. If you are not sure, ask the agency for suggestions and look at the cost implication of each before making your final decision.

Decide on a Costume

How do you want your male dancers to appear? Do you have a fantasy you want actualised? The dancers can storm your door as firemen, police officers or any other way you may desire. Find out the options the agency offers and then choose one that suits you the best.

Decide on the Number of Male Dancers Needed

How many male dancers do you need for your party? You may want to start by looking at the number of guests at your party before deciding on how many dancers will serve that number well. These are some of the information that an agency will require from you to be able to give you a quote.

Compare Quotes and Services

Do you want to get the best value; that is the best services at the best price? One way to achieve this is by visiting a number of agency sites and comparing quotes from them. Based on the information you provide, each agency will give you a quote for their services.

Once you have these quotes, you need to carefully go over them, look at the individual items and make an informed decision based on these. You are not just looking for the cheapest offer. You are looking for the offer that gives you the best value for the money.

You may not get to organise bachelorette parties everyday so invest some time into choosing the agency that will make your event a truly memorable one.


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