Exactly How to Win Your Ex Back

Exactly How to Win Your Ex Back

Are you stuck in an on again off again kind of relationship?

And you’re probably growing tired of it already, right? I think we all have to go through an experience like that one way or another. We need it in order to be better; so that we can discover a more mature side to us – one that will surely take relationships more seriously. But just because we’re growing tired of the relationship doesn’t mean we’re falling out of love with the person. There are simply some people we can’t let go. We just can’t see ourselves without them – and yet, we also can’t stand being together with them for long! Relationships can be crazy and downright confusing! The two people involved, even more so.

But what’s life without love, right?

Love is a powerful thing. It can bring out the best and worst in people. Even when relationships don’t work out, they happen for a reason. Even when a certain love is not meant to say, it can at least teach you a lesson – to be better, to be stronger (read more). Love comes and goes because it has to. And it comes knocking again for the same reason.

With that being said, please, don’t shun love away when it comes to you – even if it’s for the second time around.

I know that more than half of the internet will oppose this idea. You’re all probably like “What is this muppet saying?” or “It’s confirmed. This person is a masochist.” And you’re free to think that way. After all, who in their right mind would voluntarily choose to go back to a relationship that has already ruined them once (or many times) before?

It’s just not the best idea. However, the hopeful in me says that we should always be open to second chances – even when the person least deserves it. Why? It’s because I believe in karma. The good kind. I believe that if we’re not generous enough to afford someone a second chance, then who are we to seek redemption in the future? What goes around comes around, you know.

Isn’t that why you’re here? Aren’t you looking for one last chance to get your ex back?

Don’t worry; this short guide will show you exactly how to restore your relationship. I won’t just be sharing half-assed tips on how to get back with your ex; I’m going to teach you how to keep him or her for a lifetime. Screw breakups. You’re long past that. Today is the time to change.

Step 1: Uncover

Before you even consider winning your ex back, you should recall why you broke up in the first place.

What was it that started your petty little arguments? When was it when you had your first big fight? What differences can’t you seem to reconcile? Sure, a bouquet of roses and a grand gesture of love may be enough to get you back together but when the root problem isn’t fixed, you’ll just end up going your separate ways again. And you don’t want that now, do you? The first step is always to uncover. List down everything that you believe is getting in the way of your relationship. Write loud snores, bad morning breath, laziness, or whatever. Think of everything you do that makes your partner tick and vice versa. Lay it all out on the table.

Step 2: Discover

So, let’s see what points you’ve come up with. You probably have a pretty long list now, huh? Well, that’s normal.

Now that you have all those negative factors figured out, the next step is to discover. Look for ways to improve whatever you’re doing wrong. If there’s something you don’t agree on but would kill you inside to let go, then try to reach a compromise. Maybe when you talk it out one of these days, you can try to negotiate with your ex and soon-to-be- lover again. Anyhow, you have to discover ways to make the relationship feel “lighter” and more harmonious. Having petty fights is normal – necessary even. But having the same fight over and over again? Something definitely needs to change. For more tips, check this out: https://www.bustle.com/p/how-to-mend-your-relationship-with-ex-get-back-on-good-terms-again-according-to-experts-8474074.

Step 3: Recover

This step is rather self-explanatory. Look for opportunities to meet with your ex.

Ask him or her to sit down and talk. Express your sincerity. Tell them that you really want to talk things out seriously – no games. Don’t be too pushy though! They’ll agree when they’re ready. As with anything that’s damaged, there is a healing process involved. Some people need more time to think things over than others, so be considerate – just as you would be if you were still in that relationship.

Step 4: Forever

When you do manage to get back together, don’t revert to your old self (before the breakup).

Remember the things you’ve uncovered; work on the ways you’ve discovered. If you’re unable to let go of the things that caused the steady demise of your relationship, then your broken relationship will show no signs of healing. However, if you’re able to follow this process and if both of you are committed to change, you’ll soon begin to reap the rewards of your relationship. Trust me, it’s not an overnight fix.

It takes forever to make a relationship work. It’s a lifelong process, you see. And I hope you never get tired of it.

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