How to Get Over Your Ex When You Work Together

How to Get Over Your Ex When You Work Together

If not for breakups, relationships would be the most perfect experiences available to us humans.

The feeling of meeting someone you connect with on a deep level is the most pleasant thing you can ever experience. However, having that torn away from you due to something inside or out of your control can be devastating, even for the strongest among us.

It’s even worse when you work with the person you broke up with. It’s like every day reminds you of the painful past you’d rather forget. But then, instead of looking up Interracial Dating Sites – Reviews online, try these tips on how to get over your ex, even though you both work together.

Hating them won’t work.

One of the classic ways of getting over a breakup is to convince yourself that you’re better off without them, and that they didn’t deserve you (let’s leave how accurate and how healthy this method is for another time). Not only does it make you feel much better about yourself, but it also makes it easier to push the person out of your mind. This method only works if you can ensure that you can limit how often you see the person, and that you can genuinely confirm that they are no good.

However, all of this goes out the window when you work with your ex. It’s even less effective when they are actually good at their job, and you can’t exactly say that they have a horrible character. If you’re trying to get over your ex, this is the wrong way to go.

Get closure.

A healthier and more effective means would be to get some closure on the whole issue. That way, you can successfully move on without having to harbour negative emotions about that person. The wonderful thing about closure is that it’s not just cathartic, but also self-driven. You can look inside of yourself and get closure about issues you had in the relationship.

Another great thing is that you can talk to your ex about it if you’re having trouble moving past some things. Although this is dependent on your ex being an emotionally mature person, it’s still worth the try since there’s almost no other healthy way to get past it. When getting closure, it’s important to remember that the goal isn’t to feel like you won in the relationship, but to find the place where you can comfortably move on without any hard feelings.

Request a transfer.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Sometimes, it’s almost impossible to move on from a breakup. This is especially true when you shared something truly special with the person, and the breakup wasn’t something you had planned or even wanted. In situations like this, the only remedy might be to leave the environment completely.

You definitely don’t want every working day to remind you of what you once had and how it ended. If you work with an employer with offices in several locations, you may be able to get a transfer, and in doing so, put some distance between you and your old life. Hopefully, it will be enough to help you heal and move on.


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