How To Master Your Online Dating Experience

How To Master Your Online Dating Experience

Dating is cool, right?

We like meeting new, interesting, attractive, funny people that give us that little buzz.

One day we can be sat at home feeling a little solemn and somewhat lonely. The next day, we could be out with someone and accidentally staring at their gorgeous eyes for way too long! In recent years, the opportunity to do just that has increased one-million fold thanks to new dating apps taking over our phones and tablets! Finding someone is super simple now; it’s just a case of going through with it!

If you’ve been single for a little too long and you’ve always been a little tentative with regards to online dating (or dating in general!), then don’t fret! We’ve all felt a little not-so-personally confident before!

If you have a little time and are interested in this kind of thing, feel free to read the following on how you can make this dating game your area of expertise.   

Get To Know It All First 

If you’re aware of the way it works, then you’re fine. If you’re not, then it’s best to get to grips with it all before you begin your journey. In terms of PCs and smartphones, you probably know how to use paint on Windows or how to change wallpaper on Mac, but you’ll need to know a few more things if you want to master it and make yourself a prize. A little research into how you should behave and how others behave wouldn’t be a bad idea, too. 

Make Yourself Stand Out 

A dating app is a way of showing yourself off. You’re not desperate for love, but you want guys or girls looking at you and being completely taken aback. It’s completely up to you how you do it: you could be flashy and grab attention, or you could do something a little different from the norm. There’s no wrong answer (unless it’s too weird!) 

Be Witty And Funny 

When you interact with people, be sure to make them laugh. Laughter is one of the best ways to win someone over. It solves a lot of problems and can eliminate awkwardness. Obviously, you don’t want to tell too many jokes all the time, but humor is so attractive, and it makes people want to chat more. Comedy, when it’s used the right way, shows a lot of intelligence, too. More desirable features! 

Be Chatty With Lots!

Interact with lots of people! It is not silly to do so, even if it might come across as playing the field – a huge field! The more you speak to, the more chance you have of finding someone you genuinely connect with. If not, then you’ve got a lot of options!

Don’t Take Rejections Too Seriously 

You can’t take yourself too seriously in life as a whole, and that mantra applies to this kind of thing, as well. Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to be pleasant. Rejections happen in all walks of life – don’t take it to heart. Laugh about it. Say ‘oh well.’ Move on. It’s all good, baby.  

Have Fun!

When it comes to websites and apps like this, the main point of it all is to have fun. If you get caught up in it and hanging your hat too heavily on it, you may be let down and saddened. Use it as something to enjoy and not something that should be life or death.

Now, go and get your dreamboat!

Naomi Narrative


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