3 Signs That Your Relationship Is Moving To The Next Level

3 Signs That Your Relationship Is Moving To The Next Level

Dating is a wonderful thing.

You get to meet people, have fun and enjoy the company of a whole host of individuals. There are no ties and you are free to socialise with who you want when you want. However, there may come a time when you stumble across a person who ticks more boxes, has you feeling a little more flushed and who connects with you on a more meaningful level. If you meet an individual who makes you want to be with them all the time rather than dating anyone else, then this could be boyfriend or girlfriend material. But, how do you know when to move your relationship to the next level? Read on to find out.


You know that your relationship is progressing if you find yourself spending more time with an individual and you don’t feel smothered. All too often when dating, someone in the partnership may push to spend every night together staying over at one another’s homes. If this gets too much, it’s all too easy to pull away and end the relationship. However, when you find yourself wanting to be with someone else more and you can picture a future with them, you know that the L word is very much on the cards. This connection that you share isn’t easy to describe and you can’t label it, but you know it’s there. If your partner feels the same, you know that there is a shared life for you to explore.

Living Arrangements

Do you find yourself looking for moving companies to help you shift your belongings to your partner’s home? Moving in together is one of the biggest commitments you can make apart from marriage when thinking about relationships. Loads of couples, when the time is right, begin to contact estate agents in Wigan and others, to find the perfect place to cohabit. This is the moment you declare to the world that you are ready to share your life with somebody else. Every night you will be sharing the same bed, eating together, watching TV together and doing more humdrum daily activities that are mundane for many but that you find exciting with a significant other. If you feel comfortable taking this next step, you know that your relationship is strong.

People View You As A Team

Being in a committed relationship needn’t be stifling. The healthiest relationships allow breathing space for each individual. If you enjoy heading out with pals every Thursday evening to catch the latest movie or you head to a book club once a week, a relationship should never prevent you from doing this. Being in a committed relationship should help you feel more confident and empower you to follow your individual dreams. Others around you will see this within you and they will view you very much in a relationship. This can also help you do more coupley things such as going on double dates and doing dinner parties. However, you will always remain an individual, but now you are part of a stronger team.

Being in a relationship shouldn’t define you, but it can help ground you. Follow this guide and see if you are ready to take the next step in your relationship.


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