Only Start Dating When You’re Happy With Singleness

Only Start Dating When You’re Happy With Singleness

Dating sometimes feels like a carousel.

You’re going around and around but never actually getting anywhere. While part of the problem is some of the people that you meet along the way, the other issue has to do with your personal situation, specifically whether you’re ready for a relationship or not. 

Heartbroken? Take Your Time

Knowing whether you want a relationship is harder than you might think. Just the feeling that you want one can be deceptive. Your psychology might be desperate for a relationship, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best thing for you right now. Some people get into the dating world because they’re heartbroken or they’re trying to boost their confidence. It’s not actually about the relationship itself or the other person at all. The motivations aren’t entirely pure, even if they seem overwhelming. 

This realisation is leading many people to only start dating when they’re happy with being single. It sounds like a contradiction, but it makes a lot of sense. Being a happy single puts you in a position to choose a relationship when it’s right for you. The other person has to overcome a certain baseline level of happiness in your life and add to it in some vital way. If you’re perfectly happy with carrying on as you are, your new partner has to be something pretty special. They can’t just be the first person who comes along.

Are You Ready To Date?

How do you know whether you’re a happy single and ready for the dating world?

Well, the first thing is to make sure that you’re not still grieving about some past relationship. The most important thing is closure: you’ve accepted that a previous relationship is over and you don’t want to go back. The last thing you want is to start going on dates only to then have to backtrack if an old relationship comes back to life. 

You also want to make sure that you’re looking forward and not back. While you might wish for a past relationship to come back to life, this isn’t a healthy emotional burden to carry with you into the dating world. For one thing, it’s not fair on the people you meet. 

Finally, even if you’re over your past relationships, you might not be over the effects of them on your self-worth. Some people get into the dating market to make themselves feel better, not to have a deep and meaningful relationship with somebody else. Usually, somebody ends up getting hurt in this scenario. 

There are many dating sites out there, including Completely Free Dating. But before you sign up to any of them, you should ask yourself whether you’re ready for a relationship. Being happy with being single is, ironically, a good sign that you are.

Being happy with everything in your life isn’t a prerequisite for starting dating. But it’s certainly a good idea to find happiness in yourself before you get involved with another person. This way, you can both add to each others’ lives positively. It makes it so much more fun. 

Remember, the most important relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.


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