The Lowdown on Hookups & Adult Dating

The Lowdown on Hookups & Adult Dating

When you are into adult dating and hookups, things might be a little different. You won’t have to bring flowers to someone you know that will only be a one night stand. You are not required to introduce yourself to their family or friends. Many adults even like the part of no-strings-attached when they hook up with someone. For more information about hookups, you can visit this link here.

When you date someone you’ve just met on a dating site, things may be awkward at first. You might find them very attractive or you might want them to get lost because they turned out to be a weirdo. Also, there are times when you will have the best sex with someone you’ve just met or they had screamed their ex-partners name while you two were in mid-act.

Regardless if you are new to the world of adult dating or you already had dated at least ten in the past, here are some of the things that you should remember when you bump with someone new.

What to Remember when Hooking Up with Someone

Find their Names

This might be the basic information that you should get. However, for some people, they don’t care about names at all. Some of the hookup websites may only display the first name of their member but not the last name. Finding the last name makes sure that you are safe and you are not going to roll into bed with a psycho.

You might find that searching the name of someone on Google might take some of the suspense off but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The peace of mind that you get when you know that you are not going out with a murderer can definitely outweigh any suspense or mysterious aura that you are hoping to have on your first date.

Ask Advice from Friends

If you are lucky enough to find friends in common, do some little snooping. Ask your friend about the impression that they have on the person that you are planning to sleep with. Don’t hesitate to find out if they have some kind of record with the police or if they were decent enough. You might find yourself in bed with some theft so better be safe than sorry.

Even if there’s less than one percent that you will see them again, you will have the security of knowing that the person you will meet will not kill you. You aim for a fun and sexy weekend, not a thrilling one. You don’t also want to regret not investigating that they are allergic to broccoli and you find yourself sending them over to the hospital because they are just too nice to refuse your cooking.

Find out their HIV status

It can be appalling for someone to be asked about their HIV status or if they have any kind of sexually transmitted disease but better be safe than sorry. Use protection and see if they can provide you with their medical information about their current status. Even in monogamous relationships, a periodical screening in HIV is basic hygiene. What’s more with people who are sleeping with different partners? A person that is HIV negative may not mind your question at all and even dismiss it as something that is asked of them on a regular basis.

Be on the Same Page

Even if you have found the person on a site such as, they might have different views about sex. Some of them might think that going to bed with someone can be the start of a long-term relationship. If you are a person who likes the no-strings-attached aspect of online dating, be clear about your expectations. If you find that they can develop tender feelings for you and you are not ready yet, simply walk away.

There are a lot of people who just want a one-night-stand and don’t like the complications that relationships bring. You could always seek them out instead of getting stuck with someone who makes you feel guilty about sleeping with them. This is after you already told them about your intentions after getting laid.

Never Put the Blame on Something

Most of the time, people get laid because they “drank too much”, “they were too upset”, or “they were forced”. This can make things very awkward when you both wake up in the morning. When you are hooking up with someone, make sure that both of you take full responsibility for your actions. And yes, that includes using protection so that you won’t conceive a baby.

Taking responsibility can save both of you from unappealing and destructive thoughts in the morning. Besides, guilt will not be present when both of you parted as friends. People who have a lot of regrets when they hook up with someone can be turn-offs. Make sure to set clear expectations and never force someone to do something that they don’t want.

What do you think?

So here are the things that you should remember when it comes to adult dating. When you follow the advice above, you will make your life easier. After a few or more dates, you might even become an expert in casual dating. You might even find your significant other and they can convince you to finally settle down if they are really the right one for you.


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