Love letters to a girl: A letter of declaration of love to a girl

Love letters to a girl: A letter of declaration of love to a girl

Are love letters still a thing? Absolutely!

Arguably, this style of declaring one’s love for another was much more popular back in the day and thanks to the introduction of technology, we’re more likely to send a love ‘text’ rather than a love letter. However, does this mean that love letters and declaring love for another in writing should be a forgotten art? Absolutely not!

Of course, this is the whole art of not dissolving into the dullness, everyday life and being able to extract something useful and unusual from every day.

In today’s article, I would like to touch on such a thrilling topic as writing a beautiful love message for her.

Many people are used to modern gadgets and their prostate, and they confess their love by SMS or on social networks, which is banal and easy.

What can we do with that… The modern world brings into our lives not only convenient technologies and electronic gadgets. It irrevocably erases the art of the epistolary genre. Of course, it’s much easier to write a couple of lines in the messenger, send a text message, or just call with a banal “sorry”.

I admit that I am a little sad that the younger generation cannot express their feelings on paper.

I will not give an example of famous poets now. But let’s try to figure out, is it so difficult to compose a beautiful message to a girl that will make her worry, feel desirable and keep it in her memory forever?

Little tricks of a beautiful letter

Never hesitate to express your feelings to a girl who likes.

No normal girl who is really worthy of your attention will laugh at this.

On the contrary, it will be an important revelation for her, which she will gratefully accept.

 If you write your own poems or just be able to make a beautiful confession in prose, be sure that your half will read it again for many years to come.

Here are tips for novice romantics:

  1. Do not use formulaic epithets and compliments.
  2. Do not write texts for 10 pages. It is better to have less, but better quality.
  3. Try to find something special, peculiar only to your chosen one.
  4. It is not necessary to download poems of dubious quality from the Internet and rewrite them. If you want to write real love words to touch your soulmate, then you can take examples from
  5. If it’s poetry, then it’s real, or of your own composition. But here the moment is subtle, try to objectively assess your powers of “verse-making”, so as not to look really funny.
  6. Grammar is our everything! Check the text for errors seven times, and only then send it. Fortunately, there are many modern electronic spell-checking services now.
  7. Write by hand, refuse the electronic version. This way the message will look more sincere.

How to prepare

Having decided to confess your love to a girl, stop for a minute and think. Is it really true or is it just an attraction that will pass in a couple of months?

Remember, girls, are very impressionable and, having heard “I love”, they can immediately mentally draw a wedding. Be careful that the parting later does not bring a lot of pain to the subject of your current adoration.

If you are sure that you really love, responsibly prepare for the moment when you say the three cherished words “I love you” for the first time, think over the text of the declaration of love to the girl.

The most important conditions for success are sincerity, atmosphere, your appearance, the mood of the chosen one, and the right choice of the moment.

The right choice of the moment

If you can not decide in any way and are not sure that your beloved needs your recognition, watch your relationship.

If you take care of each other, listen to each other, make plans for a joint future – the time has come!

A declaration of love to a girl to tears in her own words is a very romantic process in itself. Such words, spoken for the first time, will sound ridiculous in everyday worries and troubles. Create a comfortable environment.

Invite a girl on a date to a cafe or restaurant, take a walk around the city at night, arrange a romantic dinner at home. It will be great if you adjust to some kind of holiday: the birthday of your beloved, Christmas, etc.

On such days, the girl is ready for surprises, gifts, and confessions. The recognition will be especially relevant on February 14 – on this day the girl is waiting for action!

And, of course, at the moment of recognition, you should be alone, so that no outsider distracts or embarrasses either you or your soul mate.

How can I register a place

The classic way to design a place for a declaration of love is to decorate it with candles and rose petals, but there are other original options.

When choosing a place and its design, remember the tastes and preferences of your chosen one. There are many different agencies that can help with a first date.

In the event that the second half is far away, but you can’t wait to tell about your feelings, carefully study the information, what should be a declaration of love to a girl to tears with your own words at a distance.

What not to do in your declaration of love

In order for a declaration of love to be successful, it is important to take into account a number of factors. It is not recommended to admit your feelings if:

  1. The girl just ended her previous relationship.
  2. If you know for sure that she is in love with someone else.
  3. The girl did not have the most pleasant event in her life: she did not pass the exam, had a fight with her parent. Give support, but wait for confessions.
  4. You just met recently. A girl may think that you are fickle because you talk about your feelings so quickly.

Whatever way you decide to confess your love to your chosen one, do it sincerely. Say what is in your heart. And then your half will feel how much you need it.


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