Have You Been R-Bombed Before?

Have You Been R-Bombed Before?

Etymology is becoming a big deal in the dating world. 

That is, to understand the meanings to the words coined to describe certain processes and practices when people date. I’ve discussed a whole bunch of them over time too, including ghosting and breadcrumbing to name but a couple, however new terms don’t show any sign of slowing down! In fact, they’re coming in thick and fast. Some may think that new words and phrases may be complicating the overall understanding but in my opinion, a one-word answer to an action can sometimes soften the blow. So, what’s the new one on the block?


Yep, R-bombing. It’s certainly not a new practice to the dating game but it is a new fangled term. R-bombing is essentially when a person you like reads your messages, but doesn’t actually respond. They ignore you.

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We’re fully aware of being ignored these days too thanks to the good ol’ folks at WhatsApp introducing the blue tick initiative. Thanks for that Zuck. Similar to ghosting, r-bombing seems to be becoming more and more prevalent amongst modern day online daters as the supposed significant other shows no remorse in leaving the other person high and dry awaiting a response. Not the most polite way to converse, right?

It’s no secret that a national poll of British singles revealed that “nearly 2/3 feel completely baffled by modern dating etiquette, with 62% saying that have fallen victim to some of the worst dating practices in modern life”.

It’s a sucky yet not surprising statistic but perhaps the way we look at dating will change our outlook on, and even our luck in, finding love?

Of course, getting R-Bombed isn’t ideal, in fact I’d go so far as to say it’s emotionally unsettling. It could probably drive us to our bed of fear and self-loathing with a huge tub of Pringles, a bar of Dairy Milk and rom-coms on repeat, but should we let it? If you’re dating, or forming a romantic attachment to, someone who think it’s perfectly acceptable to leave you lingering on two blue ticks for a few days, or the foreseeable, should you really put up with that?

Rather than feeling negative towards yourself and your situation, shouldn’t you be thinking ‘hang on a minute, this arsehole doesn’t even have the decency to respond so why should I waste a full face of make up, valuable time and potentially, a freshly waxed vagina, on his self-righteous self?’ Food for thought I suppose, everyone’s different, but you get the idea.

When you’re dating there is of course the risk that you might get ghosted, breadcrumbed, cuffed, benched, r-bombed, whatever, but there is also a high possibility that you’ll feel great getting dressed up for dates, you’ll enjoy good food and good company, you’ll visit new places, you’ll learn new things about others and yourself, you might even meet someone who’s worth their fault. The point I’m trying to make here, very inarticulately, is that perhaps the r-bombing, blue ticking business is worth the risk. Whilst you’re in the midst of it all, dating and dining and daydreaming, perhaps a positive outlook might do you some good.

In my opinion, it’s all about perspective. 


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