4 Things You Should Discuss With Your Partner Early in the Relationship

4 Things You Should Discuss With Your Partner Early in the Relationship

When you get into a new relationship, it feels like you want to tell your partner everything, and you may spend hours talking. Whether you are out on a date or texting late in the night, the conversation never seems to die. 

However, you may soon realise that there are some things that you need to tell your partner, but they may not be easy to bring up. While it’s okay to keep some parts of your life secret, there are other things that you need to share, especially if you see the relationship heading somewhere. They include the following. 

Your Goals and Plan for the Future

One of the things you should discuss with your partner early in the relationship is your goals and plan for the future. You may find that they are not 100 percent in line with your partner’s, and that is okay. If this is the case, there is plenty of room to compromise. 

Unfortunately, it may not be easy to compromise life-changing goals such as getting married or having kids. It is, therefore, essential to try and figure them out early in the relationship. Suppose you can find out any deal breakers that either of you has earlier in the relationship.

 In that case, it will help to prevent any potential disappointment that could lead to aggravation in the future. 

What You Like and Dislike During Sex

The best time to lay the course of your sex life is at the beginning of the relationship. Doing this will enable you to get more comfortable together and speak up about your likes and dislikes in bed.

Although one should approach sex matters delicately and sensitively, ensure it is early enough in the relationship. If you fail to do so, you may end up spending a lot of time in a sexually repressed state while your partner is unaware of it. 

This will kill a significant amount of fun in the relationship. It is also essential to discuss the contraception methods that you prefer at this stage. You may visit a sexual health clinic for advice on the best contraception mode for the two of you. 


Family plays a huge role in your life, especially when you are getting into a relationship. Either of you may have many family triggers and baggage from past ruptures or have a hard time balancing out caring for your family and being with your partner. 

Whichever the case, it is essential to discuss the relationship that you have with your family and the role that they play in your life. This way, your partner can understand your sensitivities and respect them. 

Any Addictions That You Have or Have Had

This may be one of the most difficult topics to discuss with your partner in the relationship. However, if you see your relationship getting serious, it is vital to inform your partner of any current or past addictions. 

It would be best if you also opened about addictive behaviours such as disordered eating, overspending, substance abuse, or gambling. Telling your partner about your addictions will bring you closer and help them understand you better if the issue arises again. 

New relationships are beautiful and exciting. Having the hard conversations at the early stages can help to keep it on the right track. 



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