6 Ways to Know If You And Your Partner Are Compatible

6 Ways to Know If You And Your Partner Are Compatible

If you feel the spark has gone out of your relationship, you will want to do everything you can to bring it back. But, what if the spark feels it has gone forever? This could be a sign that you and your partner are not compatible after all. 

This can be a sad and even shocking realisation, especially if you have been together for so long you have seen and done it all together. Still, sometimes, people are just not as compatible as they think they are, and you can avoid getting to the end of the road by knowing whether you and your partner are truly compatible as soon as possible. 

You Share the Same Values 

Sharing values is one of the most important elements of a successful relationship. This means you both believe in the same things, although not necessarily exclusively, a little diversity is healthy for a relationship and saves you from creating an echo chamber. 

Usually, people gravitate towards partners that hold similar values, whether political, environmental or regarding their health. If your partner’s love of eating meat is seriously affecting your relationship, myvegandating.com could introduce you to someone more aligned with your lifestyle. It may sound extreme to some, but it’s a crucial building block for a successful relationship. 

You Can Imagine A Future Together 

Not being able to imagine a future together is a useful yet subtle sign that you may not be compatible. Depending on your age, you are in a relationship for the long haul, and while you may not be concerned with the future right now, it’s still an important thing to consider. 

If you are unable to imagine you and your partner with kids, a home, and even in retirement, it’s likely an indication that you’re not compatible enough with one another. While compatibility may come eventually as you get to know each other, you should also remember that it’s an early sign. 

You Are Happy The Way They Are 

Most people will try to improve themselves, whether by changing their hairstyle, losing weight, or pursuing their passion. While you will be there for them, you can also recognise your compatibility by being happy with who they are. 

This satisfaction provides that it isn’t the physical element of your relationship, but instead the personal aspect. As long as you are with them, you’re happy, and there are few things purer than that. 

You Can Have Fun Doing Nothing 

Couples that aren’t comfortable with each other will always try to fill the empty space during their days. They will try to make conversation where there isn’t any need to, or they might try to force an activity when you just want to relax. 

If you can have fun doing nothing but sitting on the sofa and playing on your phones, you have gotten past the awkward early stages of your relationship and could easily be compatible with one another. However, there’s such a thing as being too comfortable, and this risks complacency. 

You Want To Help Each Other Succeed 

Couples that have each others’ backs are stronger than most, and if you want to do everything you possibly can to support them and help them achieve their dreams, it demonstrates exceptional compatibility. 

These goals can be professional or personal, but whatever it is, you are both giving one another the strength to push yourselves towards your goal. It’s easy to be passive and let your partner get on with it. But it takes someone who really cares to make sure they are alongside their partner when they push themselves. 

You Fight, But You Work It Out, Too 

Couples fight; there is no getting away from this. If anything, it would be weird if you never argued with your partner. But, although some people will tell you that arguments are a sign you are not compatible, it’s the opposite that’s true. 

Fighting gives you the chance to get out any issues you have, and it’s what you do after the argument that is most important. It’s easy to run away from commitment and avoid serious talk. If you work hard to make your relationship better, you’ll also be stronger, which shows you both care enough to make it work. 


Relationships need to be hard work sometimes, and just because not you don’t answer yes to all of these points doesn’t mean you and your partner are not compatible. But, if you have realised that the answer is no more often than yes, it could be time to reconsider your relationship and think about whether this person is the right one for you. 


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