Why It Is Important to Have a Safe Word In Bed

Why It Is Important to Have a Safe Word In Bed

Many people associate safe words with BDSM play only and do not deem it necessary to get one as long as they do not practice it.

Well, it is not entirely correct. It does not matter whether you have a big stash of dildos already, only plan to browse anal toys for the first time, or have no intention to introduce any sex toys into your intimate relationships – a safeword can come in handy at any time.

A safeword is a unique word that you can use during sex to immediately stop what is happening – no matter the circumstances. Thus, a safeword is needed to ensure continual consent, which makes it essential for everybody to have one.

If you and your partner haven’t found a reason to choose a safeword yet, this article is for you. Below, you will find six reasons to have a stop word in bed, ranging from building trust and avoiding killing the mood to signaling you need a break or being uncomfortable, among other things.

Read on and play safely!

Helps You Build Trust

This is probably the most important reason of all. Safewords are essential when you and your partner try new things (sexual techniques, positions, adult toys) because they allow you to check if you’re both on the same page. If you feel uncomfortable with something, you can just use your safeword and stop it immediately. Also, when you’re in a new relationship, using a stop word allows you to establish boundaries, build trust, and communicate freely.

Lets Your Partner Know You Need a Break

If things get hot and heavy between you and your partner – too hot and heavy even – you may want to take a break but don’t know how to do it without dampening the mood ultimately. That is when having a safeword comes in handy. It can let your partner know that you need some personal space without being hurtful or rude – while also not ruining the mood entirely.

For example, if you need to spend five minutes catching your breath during sex, you could simply say your safeword so that your partner will know that this is the time to give you an opportunity to calm down a little bit and enjoy the moment more fully afterward.

Builds Trust

If you want to feel safe and comfortable during sex, you need to trust your partner 100%. If there is no trust, there is no fun – at least not the kind of fun where you feel free to let go and experience the moment. A safeword can help you build trust between you and your partner by showing them that you care about what is happening between the two of you and how they feel about it.

Changes the Action

You can use a safeword for many things other than stopping or continuing sexual activity. For example, you might want to take a breather or switch sexual positions or sex toys – whatever feels right to you. Still, using a safeword is a great way to let your partner know that it’s time to change something in the process.

Signals You’re Uncomfortable

One of the primary reasons people decide to have a safeword is to have the ability to signal that they’re feeling uncomfortable with certain things during sex. In such situations, using a safe word lets your partner know exactly that they have to stop right away.

This may seem like an easy thing to tell your partner verbally, but sometimes we cannot express ourselves properly when we feel threatened or put on the spot. Thus, a safe word can help you indicate that you are uncomfortable without any additional stress.

Lets Your Partner Know You’re Done for the Night

Just like when you need to take a break or signal that something needs to change, the safeword can help you stop whatever is going on when you are done. It can be because it is hurting too much or because you feel like you’ve had enough. The point is – there is no reason why you shouldn’t use one if you feel like it.

Moreover, if you want to end sex for the night, using your safeword is probably the best way to do it without offending your partner or making an awkward situation. Again, this is more of a psychological reason than a physical one. Saying your safeword lets your partner know that you are done for the night and that they don’t have to rush or push your limits any further.

Besides, this can save both of you from feeling like you’ve done something wrong or that the session was bad because it can help avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and arguments.

Final Note

A safeword is essential if you want to try new things in bed and make sex more fun without hurting your partner or feeling uncomfortable or insecure yourself. It is something that will help you feel more confident in the bedroom and can even improve your relationship as a whole.

So, if you don’t have a safe word yet, it is high time to choose one!

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